College Students Arrested For Prostitution

One of the students uses a picture she had taken with Bill Clinton as her profile picture on Twitter.

Three college students aged 19 to 23 are arrested for ‘$10,000 prostitution deal’ after police carry out undercover sting operation at a Florida hotel

  • Acacia Friedman, 23, and Samara Charlotin, 19, were charged with prostitution
  • Maury Noun, 21, allegedly negotiated sex with the girls in exchange for $10,000
  • University of Miami student met the officer in Hotel Colonnade in Coral Gables 
  • The trio were arrested after Noun exchanged money with the undercover cop 

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22 Comments on College Students Arrested For Prostitution

  1. Who pays 10K for sex with amateur hookers? But hay, maybe that’s the going rate… wouldn’t know since I’ve never paid for sex (with money anyway).

  2. Not quite as bad as the porn-slut-prostitue from Duke who was making porn to help pay for her degee in Womyns Studies.

    Why am I not surprised drugs were involved?

  3. This is the current state of the art in American education. Three people, deemed bright enough, educated enough, and with access to sufficient “money” (i.e. credit) to be members of an accredited university, thought someone would pay two of them something less than ten…thousand…United States…dollars, for less than an evening of “vanilla quickie” sex, with condoms. When the deal was renegotiated to “condom-less” (I won’t call it “-free”), the price rose to exactly…ten…thousand…United States…dollars. These were not verifiable, commercial, print, swimsuit models. These were not verifiable, commercial, actresses. Until now, they weren’t even “famous on The Internet”. The report doesn’t mention multiple days (let alone weeks) of sexual servitude. The report doesn’t mention animals, machinery, physical mutations, nor any of the “obscure” activities some of you (you know who you are) seem to know are archived for posterity on The Internet. Three college educated Americans knew the story of ten…thousand…United States…dollars, for a few hours (minutes?) of “work” was so believable, that it couldn’t be a trap. Even the Clinton fan (who got close enough to Bill to take a selfie, with her clothes on), didn’t realize that she was not, in actuality, a Clinton.

    And, now, to “drag politics into it”: These are not simply the people that will “save the system”, with their “best and brightest” credentials, everywhere the Democrats are in power. These are the people Conservatives want to “save the system” for, to allow future opportunities for Democrats in power.

  4. It’s all President Trump’s fault.
    If Bernie were President she would have free tuition and wouldn’t have to stoop to these activities to avoid student loan debt.

  5. Budding capitalists who stumbled upon the earning potential of hooha. (what a novel idea!)

    Then they get a lesson in law. I.E., the state does not allow untaxed rental of hooha. If the state doesn’t broker, sanction and profit from the transaction, you have committed a crime.

  6. @Ho72: They may not be “professionals” but they are college athletes playing at the top amateur level of the sport. However, they lost their amateur status when they took money for playing

  7. Bill has never been anything but a draft-dodging, tax-evading, dope-smoking, coke-sniffing, drug dealing, money-laundering, pants-dropping, weenie-wagging, wife-cheating, girl-friend beating, womanizing, rapist, cigar-dipping pervert, finger wagging liar, self-centered, self-serving, hornswaggling, double-dealing, four-flushing, power hungry, masturbating, money grubbing, influence peddaling sleaze-bag thief who was convicted of perjury, impeached and disbarred and will forever be known as the low-life bicycle seat-sniffing trailer park troll that dragged our nation’s morality down to the level of an Arkansas Outhouse while traveling around the world personally cashing in on selling the United States of America to the highest bidder while Hillary is simply his deceitful, duplicitous, self-serving, money-grubbing, power-hungry, criminal business partner and enabler! Just add “Pimp” to the list!

  8. Sex between consenting adults is legal.
    Paying for a personal service is legal.
    Why is paying for sex illegal?

    (I understand why it’s immoral, just not why it’s illegal when there’s no victim.)

  9. @Uncle Al April 1, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    Womyns’ studies? Or statecraft?

    Womyns’ studies: Because heterosexual sex is always rape. Because of privilege. But the oppressors won’t outlaw it. Because of privilege. So, see next…

    Statecraft: Because unbundling sex from absolute familial support would cause sane men to abandon state controlled familial support, entirely. “You can’t win. You can’t cheat. And you can’t quit the game.” (Of course, the second only applies to non-government entities.)

  10. 19 y.o. Samantha has the right name for a politician. She just needs to learn how to spell.
    Senator Samantha Charlatan. Would be both correctly spelt, and descriptive of a politician’s primary occupation.

  11. Nah.
    If she gave me $20 I might let her suck my dick …
    but then again, I might not.

    Not crazy about stickin my wickie into Slick Willy’s diseased leftovers …

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. “Bill Clinton is not connected to the story in any way.”

    Oh no! Perish the thought! Why would ANYONE go THERE? Of course Bill Clinton would NEVER, EVER knowingly consort with prostitutes!

  13. @Uncle Al

    It isn’t illegal if you film it and the participants pay taxes on the wages earned for “acting”.

  14. Kilroy, way too many words.TL:DR

    Make Florida great again, please.

    Florida, college snowflakes prostitution sting, bill clinton in twitter profile pic. Pimp busted for drug possession.

    Fixed it. 😂

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