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Democrat Running Against Cruz Feels Responsibilty To Mexico’s Self-Interests

Texas, you have real problems. As you brag about being the last great hope of America you’re being inundated with progs.


Democratic Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, an Irish-American who adopted the Mexican nickname during his childhood in Texas, officially announced on Friday that he will run for U.S. Senate in 2018 against Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas).

O’Rourke, 44 years old, is the son of Patrick Francis “Pat” O’Rourke, an El Paso judge whose family immigrated to the United States from Ireland three generations earlier. It was in El Paso that the young Robert began going by “Beto,” a common nickname in Mexico for people named Roberto.

I have no idea which dirtbag is O’Rourke. Take your pick.

The Mexican nickname came in handy in 2012 when O’Rourke decided to challenge eight-term incumbent Democrat Silvestre Reyes in a congressional district that is 75 percent Mexican and just 2 percent Irish.

O’Rourke won and has since legislated under the belief that he is the representative for both the people of El Paso and neighbor across the U.S. border, Juarez, arguing that it is his responsibility to look after the interests of the Mexican city.


Funny, there was a time when I was pissed enough at Cruz that I didn’t care if he lost.

But confronted with the choice of Cruz or this dirtbag, I’ve been snapped back into reality.

Funny how lots of #NeverTrumpers didn’t experience this.

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  1. I see more & more people from
    out of state here.Accents from
    Indiana,Ohio and Illinois.The
    Houston area is exploding,the roads
    cannot keep up with the traffic and
    many of these people are bringing their
    failed libtard mentality to Texas.Austin
    is gone…

  2. Gee Wally, I can only hope he also identifies as a piñata…

    Yeah Beave, and when it breaks you’d better have lots of toilet paper!

  3. Go to Costco in DFW and its a hijab convention, you’re lucky to find anyone that speaks english.

  4. His statement about Mexico is a dog whistle to the illegal voters and others who want them in this country

  5. Should we refer to Beto O’Rourke as a maricon or a gay lick?
    Just askin’.

  6. The Irish in America have a long history of choosing sides in American/Mexican conflicts.

  7. I wrote about Beto a couple years ago, when he tried to get the feds to stop Judicial Watch from writing about his corruption. Although I lost my database last year, I can fetch you a link to the way back machine’s archived copy of my post if anyone wants it. I tried Striesand Effecting him, but nobody reads my blog so it didn’t work. The guy is an open borders Mexico First freak and he was/is involved in all kinds of shady stuff in addition to wanting to silence criticism of his shenanigans.

  8. “The Irish in America have a long history of choosing sides in American/Mexican conflicts.”
    Whale Oil Beef Hooked. Saint Patrick’s Battalion, they were called,
    about 250 in all, including German and Italian Catholics-some of whom were US Army soldiers who deserted -led by a man named Reilly, joined with the Mexicans for better pay, better treatment, and a little more respect. It was shot lived, not a “long history.”
    You should receive the Brian Williams Award for that statement.
    On the contrary, I immigrants, and Irish-Americans have a long history of fighting for, and dying for, the US of A. I am not going to give you the stats, but check out “The Congressional Medal
    of Honor.”
    Your move.

  9. Yeah, Pity. It shoulda stuck around, I’da given it an eduucashion.

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