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Comedian Takes Aim At Gun Control

You’re going to hate this guy.

Oh, and I hate people in audiences that don’t laugh, but let out these retarded affirmative yowls. It’s like nails on a blackboard to me. It’s one of the main reasons I want to have a gun.

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  1. How would this Aussie Fag know? Has he ever shot a gun? No. Because he’s not allowed to have one. Probably a good thing.

  2. I never take atheists seriously. Atheists are the people who are “smarter” than all others, and are “right” about everything, but in the end are nothing more than overly-opinionated morons.

    Enjoy hell, asshole.

  3. Aren’t most white Australians descended from criminals that the English thought were so bad that they had to ship them halfway around the world to get rid of them? Would you consider that a really
    good gene pool for Americans to be
    taking advice from?

    Just wondering.

  4. Maybe that’s why he’s in comedy. His logic is a joke.

    Assault is a behavior, not a device.

  5. He kinda likes the freedom of speech aspect though….no?….amendments 1 and 2 are joined at the hip….

  6. I’ve heard that American girls think that Aussies have cute accents. So I’ve tried to sound like an Aussie but it just made me sound like a dumb ass, kind of like that guy.

  7. I like the part where he was making light about the possibility getting murdered. Here’s the response by someone who was brutally attacked by racist black people and left for dead in a field: go fuck yourself. It wouldn’t have happened the way it did if I was armed.

    It’s bad enough that I have to listen to the babbling leftist assholes from my own country, but to have some insufferable leftist pussy from another country lecturing me about my right to have guns makes my blood boil.

  8. I’ve only made it to the 5′ mark and am tired of the Saturday morning cartoon presentation of his thoughts, such as they are.

    I had never heard of him. So..atheist, doesn’t like moslems because he likes booze and bacon. When’s he going to be on Maher’s show?

  9. Think he does his stand up in Detroit or Chicago? You know, late at night after a set or two of telling his audience how much he hates gun ownership.

    I mean I’m sure no one would ever take advantage of his willingness to dis arm himself and proclaim so publicly.

  10. “so ‘when the government said NO MORE guns’ we were ‘like, ok'”.

    And that my friends is the difference between free men and subjects of the crown. Collectively Australia neutered themselves and this guy thinks its a point to brag about.

  11. He’s an ass. Want more than ever to get my FOID card. And, a passport, so I can go to Australia and walk up to him . . .

  12. Kind of off topic a bit however that’s never stopped me in the past. My brother traveled the world a lot over the years and some of his observations about Australia were pretty good. He said that it was pretty easy to score with Aussie women as long as you treated them respect and were a gentleman because most Aussie men were boors and treated their women like cattle. Almost made me want to visit until I saw all the different things the continent had to try to kill you with.

  13. For someone raised on a continent with more things to kill ya seven ways to Sunday you’d think he’d know better!
    Just give the stick to Jefferies and maybe he can beat off a couple muzlims when they come screaming outta their armories… I mean mosques loaded for bear with AKs!

  14. To illustrate his point of view, this fellow tells a story that while living in England, he was subject to a home invasion, and that he would not have had a chance to get a gun. This is, like many liberal arguments, intellectually dishonest.

    Although statistics are difficult to come by, it seems that home invasions per capita are more common in the UK than in the United States. (Governments do not really keep a “home invasion” statistic). But the fact remains that most criminals prefer to avoid risk – and the fact that a homeowner may be armed is certainly a risk that should be avoided. In the U.S., criminals cannot be sure if a home is occupied by armed residents; in the UK, criminals are virtually assured that the occupants are not armed. As a result, home invasions are far less risky in the UK than in the US.

    In our area, not all homeowners keep guns at home. But some do, and all homeowners have the right to do so. So which homes have armed occupants and which do not? Criminals do not know, and virtually all of them would prefer to not take the chance. So this comedian, even if he was naked and owned no guns, would have been safer in his own home if gun ownership was legal and there was a risk that he in fact was lawfully armed.

    The alternative is to rely on the government to protect you, which is the liberal stance on these sorts of things. But I have had police officers tell me that response time in our area could be 20 minutes even in an emergency (and we live in an urban area), and for that period of time you are on your own. Relying on a relative handful of police officers to protect the general public is a fool’s errand.

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