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Coming: 10 Weeks of Scandal

“What I need you two fellas to do is take those cleaning products and clean the inside of the car. And I’m talkin’ fast, fast, fast. You need to go in the backseat, scoop up all those little pieces of brain and skull. Get it out of there … What you need to take care of are the really messy parts. The pools of blood that have collected, you gotta soak that sh*t up.”

Lifezette: If you’ve seen the 1994 movie “Pulp Fiction,” then you know that’s The Wolf, directing his cleanup team to polish up a particularly grisly crime scene.

Now, change “cleaning products” to “Bleachbit,” and you have a modern, political version of The Wolf’s orders.

Because, you see, Hillary Clinton sometimes makes a mess. And the messes Clinton creates can make things very sticky for her. So the former secretary of state has her own Wolves, with their own cleansing formulas, ready to tidy up after the boss.   MORE [With Clinton body count]

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  1. Amazing at the bugs crawling out of the walls around camp Clinton. When the crickets start outnumbering the feet to stomp them, some are going to sing. And America (sans MainStreamPropaganda) is listening intently to the truths coming forth. Got to make poor sick Shrillary just a bit more sick. Maybe she can read her crystal ball and see the oval office turn into a jail cell.

  2. Check out Sheryl Attkinson’s excellent summary of the FBI reports. Hillary not only BleachBitted her e-mail, she also BleachBitted Cheryl Mills’ copy of the same e-mails. She really really wanted that record gone. Must’ve been very incriminating.

  3. The Mediocre Madam is in a fast decline as befits her crimes against truth, justice, and the American way!

  4. I wish the professional, non-partisan FBI and the DOJ were aware of these efforts to destroy Hillary’s e-mail and devices during their investigation.

    Oh, the DOJ and FBI “were” aware of all this illegal activity and corruption?

    Well, never mind, they were just careless. There’s been a lot of that going around in epic proportions throughout Obama’s tenure.

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