It Was Too Obvious!

16 Comments on It Was Too Obvious!

  1. She knew she’d get a pass on any “justice involvement” she would incur. But she never expected that People magazine would cripple her campaign before it started.

  2. If little traitor Ben was slightly dumber he would require watering. This is where street smarts are much more valuable than a College Degree. Go away little Benny.

  3. Get your head out of your ass, Ben. She set up a private server because she intended to break every law that that she had to in order to enrich herself and increase her power base. You and Mark
    Levin are both trying real hard to be relevant, you should give him a call and you can both tell each other how fucking smart you are.

  4. sure ben and bill didn’t have sex with that woman.

    these talking heads sure are going out of their way to make the status remains “quo”.

  5. Gee whiz, Benjamin… do ya dress your self in the morning and everything too? What a big boy you are! [not like she was trying to hide any illegal deals or sales or nothin’ neither, nope!]

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