Congress Members Sleep and Text While Mother of Child Murdered By Illegal Pours Her Heart Out

mothers of illegal alien crime victims

LibertyNews– On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing in an effort to give the families of those murdered by illegal aliens a voice. However, this move was evidently nothing more than a disingenuous attempt to appear as if congress actually cares about those that have lost their lives at the hands of illegals.

According to Sabine Durden who was testifying before the committee, the hardest part was watching the disgusting actions of our so-called representatives. More

7 Comments on Congress Members Sleep and Text While Mother of Child Murdered By Illegal Pours Her Heart Out

  1. She should have stood up, called them for what they are i.e. apathetic and heartless, and walked out. The pain of having to testify / relive this loss to a bunch of assholes would be unbearable. Good this is in the news however.

    Strange similarity to the reaction when Jesse Watters (God bless him) of Fox News confronted the San Francisco City Council with the Kate Steinle loss.

    We are living in dangerous times, and you are seeing the face of evil every day in the news…our own government in action. These are the ones who “look after us”.

  2. Might make some good video next election of them sleeping and texting when she was giving her testimony. Shame them out of office.

  3. ANYONE who believes Members of Congress give a flying fig about him is just plain delusional.

    Politics is a path to phenomenal riches.
    Literally, a license to steal.

    They don’t care if you, your children, your parents, your neighbors live or die – so long as you keep paying your taxes.

  4. If that sounds a tad cynical, drive up to DC and stop by your MC’s office, or go to one of his ‘events’ and talk to him for a couple of minutes.

  5. I wish we could get the names of the representatives. I am sickened by the utter disregard for these families.

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