Louisiana Shooter Had History of Mental Illness And Admired Hitler – Media Calls Him a TEA Party Republican


According to court documents, obtained by theAssociated Press, he “exhibited extreme erratic behavior and has made ominous as well as disturbing statements.”

The filing said Houser had “a history of mental health issues, i.e., manic depression and/or bi-polar disorder.”

His wife also removed all weapons from their home because she feared his “volatile mental state,” according to the paperwork.

The protective order was at least temporarily granted. She later filed for divorce.


Houser appeared on “Calvin Floyd Live,” previously called “Rise and Shine,” on WLTZ NBC 38 in more than 60 episodes, according to the LinkedIn page.

“Invited political controversy on every one of them, and loved every minute of it,” he said.

The show’s host, Floyd, told Yahoo News that he invited Houser on his show many times to discuss his radical views because it was entertaining and caused tremendous buzz.

“He was a guest because he was good TV entertainment, not because it was a respected opinion that he had to say. But he was very entertaining all the time,” Floyd said in a phone interview with Yahoo news. “He had Tea Party-radical Republican views on everything. I’d have a democratic spokesperson on [for the opposing perspective]. He generated a lot of phone calls.”

Houser was a member of Tea Party Nation, according to the group’s website.


I’m absolutely positive he killed those two lovely girls because he was a TEA Party republican, and not because he had a history of mental illness. /sarc



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  1. “The Hatewatch Blog, which is run by the Intelligence Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, uncovered that Houser posted about his fondness for Hitler, neo-Nazis and lone wolves on several online forums.”

    OK where in the hell did the tea party nation ever advertise their fondness for hitler and nazis? That was all him. lol. Try again.

  2. It’s disgusting and poor journalism on their parts just to keep the story alive. Fox is reporting every minute detail and I expect we’ll know shirt and shoe size and even boxers or briefs about the perp by 3 PM.

  3. No one is going to address his mental illness, though, right?
    Every last one of these jerks had mental problems. Serious mental problems. No, we’re just gonna go look for their names on conservative, liberal, Christian, or atheist sites instead because it’s easier than admitting the gubmint would rather let these fuckers run around free than doing something to help them or put them away.
    No, let’s spend time and money on trannies and illegals.

  4. Who CARES what they say!
    I’M throwing THEIR tactics back at them!
    It was a Gun-Free Zone that killed them!
    It was a Gun-Free Zone that killed them!
    It was a Gun-Free Zone that killed them!
    It was a Gun-Free Zone that killed them!
    It was a Gun-Free Zone that killed them!
    It was a Gun-Free Zone that killed them!

  5. Notice it was the liberal talk show host who called him a “Tea party republican radical.” Isn’t that what they call anyone who doesn’t goose-step to progressivism?
    And speaking of goose stepping-
    What fool would go on air calling himself a nazi and think he wouldn’t get hung up on? lol

  6. this is what I said in an earlier post….”this so-called “white male” was a) a Filthy Moslem Savage terrorist or b) a leftist Democrat or c) depressed with suicidal tendencies and on SSRI anti-depressants or d) all of the above.

    I choose D”

    Okay, looks like it was “C”. And I bet once more accurate journalism comes into play it will be uncovered – but not covered by the leftist media – that he was by no means a “Tea Party” member or registered Republican.

  7. The progtard media is at it again. The shooter’s middle name is “Russel” and “his” Tea Party page has it spelled “Russell”. Any wagers the page was made in the last 24 hours?

  8. Too bad we emptied out and closed all of the mental hospitals.

    Five’ll get ya ten that it will come out that this asshole should have been safely tucked away in an institution.

    But that wouldn’t be FAIR because he wouldn’t LIKE IT.

  9. He was messed up in the head. Being a nazi and Hitler fan negates any Tea Party affiliation – racism and socialism (part of the word nazi) puts him into Bernie Sanders/Democrat territory. Nice try media – you leftists own this loser too.

  10. I don’t like the fact that the media has jaded me.

    When I first heard the news report about this tragedy in Louisiana, they were very adamant about the fact that no details were available about the two deceased victims. My immediate conclusion was this: “They must be white.” And they were.

    On the subject of his “membership” with Tea Party Nation:

    According to the site, he “joined” two years ago. In the two years since, he has supplied no profile information, made no comments, tagged no articles, or “Liked” anything. What an outstanding, contributing member he was! I’ve seen spam accounts on Facebook that were more believable than this.

  11. How many of us here have “joined” a prog site so we could troll the scene? Sounds like the shooter liked to stir people up – which is why he kept going on that show.

  12. Ditto Frank!
    I don’t care if the sign said ‘even with ccw no admittance’!
    Proggies won’t admit to anything about psycho Demmies on the loose. They all are TP or repubs.
    But I love it when they are proved wrong!! 😉

  13. No media smack about shooter having an affinity for the Confederate flag. His being from Louisiana, I’d have expected that right off.

  14. They were so excited that he was white they plumb forgot.

    We didn’t have these problems when we could lock up wackos for public safety. Now the wackos have to consent to being locked up, like that would happen.

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