Congressional Republicans Unwilling to Tackle Ballooned SNAP


According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP for short, went from a low of 17 million in 2000 to 43 million today.  Currently, the program runs over $70 billion annually.

Congressional Republicans are proposing minor reforms such as separating SNAP from the Farm Bill and improvements in administering the program, but they are unwilling to take major action to cut this program down to a more affordable size.


A prime example of a program that has become a perpetual hand-out rather than a temporary hand-up.

10 Comments on Congressional Republicans Unwilling to Tackle Ballooned SNAP

  1. Oh, that’s right. Congress. Trumps’ victory made me temporarily forget about those stupid elite buffoons on the Hill.

  2. When Congress is led by a RINO (ryan) this not surprising.
    Unfortunately, many moderate/liberal congressional Sheep, who are already campaigning for the next 2 year cycle of elections, will follow his example because he controls the Congressional Campaign coffers they’ll need to buy their Television spots and Polling.

    It’s Boehner and Ryan’s corrupt pay to play game, vote my way or the highway.

  3. No you don’t get it. They need to have the White House, congress, senate and the Supreme Court and also the Sheboygan county commission ALL under GOP control before they can do anything.

  4. Make it redeemable only on Africa. The parasites will self-deport.

    Change the citizenship laws, and we’ll be done with these people in a generation.

  5. Extend and pretend until it’s over. Deficit spending and over promising is what gets politicians voted. No one will demand anything that limits the amount of handouts, only more of the same as the pool of false promises grows to he point of implosion.

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