“Conservative” Black Youth, CJ Pearson, Goes Wobbly

The pressure of fame has gotten to the kid. After he was caught faking on Twitter that he had been blocked by Obama, things have spiraled downward, quickly.

He seems desperate to remain relevant. So now, overnight, he’s a SJW. Next week he’ll be transgendering.

Sadly, he will now be tossed on the ash heap of history.


The 13-year-old Internet phenom who gained national attention criticizing President Barack Obama and briefly was a part of the Ted Cruz campaign is renouncing conservatism, saying he’s looking to be a voice unbound by party ideology.


CJ Pearson told CNN on Friday that concerns about the Republican Party’s viewpoints on racial and gender disparity as well as youth issues convinced him he could no longer be a mouthpiece for conservatism.

“I was tired of being a champion of a party that turned a blind eye to racial discrimination. Tired of being a champion of any cause that denies equal rights to every American. Tired of being a champion of a party that doesn’t care about the issues important to young people,” Pearson wrote in an email.

The 13-year-old, African-American YouTube star from Georgia said in an interview that he began considering the change after a conversation with another teen friend, who asked why he doesn’t speak out on racial discrimination — to which he replied he was concerned his followers wouldn’t be pleased.

“Over the past few days, I thought about essentially how I don’t want people to follow me because I’m that anti-Obama kid, or who called out Hillary Clinton or who took Bernie Sanders to task,” Pearson said. “I don’t want to be the conservative wonder kid that people follow because I make them feel good and like young people are part of their movement. I want to be followed because I’m the voice of a generation that doesn’t have a voice at the table.”

He said the video of Laquan McDonald being shot 16 times by a police officer in Chicago helped open his eyes to the systemic problems of racial discrimination in America and the need to look at the issues objectively.

Pearson was also the chairman of Teens for Ted and part of the presidential campaign for the Republican Texas senator, but separated with the Cruz campaign at the beginning of the month. Pearson said Cruz wasn’t doing enough for issues affecting young people.

The teen also was accused September of faking a screenshot that Obama’s account had blocked him on Twitter. Pearson admits he made a mistake and says he has moved on.

Pearson commands a YouTube channel viewed by more than 5 million and a Facebook feed with more than 100,000 followers.

He told CNN he plans to continue to be a social media presence.

“My generation is one of the most politically diverse ever, and I’ll continue to be a voice but one that looks at issues objectively,” Pearson said. “My views on the issues aren’t going to be dictated by one political platform or another.”

He also cited one his favorite targets for criticism, quoting Obama: “There is not a liberal America and a conservative America. There is the United States of America.”

23 Comments on “Conservative” Black Youth, CJ Pearson, Goes Wobbly

  1. Maybe I’M stupid,
    but I’m not the kind to be a
    rabid follower of 13 year olds, anyway….

    He’s clearly been intimidated.
    Sad, but that’s life.

  2. I like how he contacts CNN and not, say, a conservative news outlet. I wonder how many followers he’ll have by month’s end?

  3. He’s got a great future as a Republican congressman anyway, since he’s already been somehow corrupted or compromised into “going along.”

  4. Empowerment is a b—-. aint it conserves? Mr. Pearson has seen the light and it’s not pretty. He’s not your little tom anymore. Nyahhhhhh.

  5. Remember Jonathan Krohn? When I saw that kid I knew this was CJ’s destiny. The desire to be liked eventually overrides political philosophy…ESPECIALLY for teenagers. The left trades in that currency and that presents a pressure of fame that inevitably leads to a lurch to the left.

    Conservatives should engage in youth, but we shouldn’t be propping them up like CJ has been before they’re ready. This is happening because he didn’t (and doesn’t) fully understand his views.

  6. 1st, that’s a shame. It must be an extra challenge for people of color to rise to the challenge of conservatism; having to stand against their culture flow. He may not have moved entirely “left” but toward an independent
    (i.e. period of re-evaluation of principles).

    2nd, kind of related: longtime GOP spokesperson, Brad Dayspring totally abandons his position to join Poltico-


  7. It may be a combination of factors. He’s thirteen and fickle. Anything could turn him, especially, peers (gangs, friends, etc.) Ditto, Moetom and Claudia.
    His family could also be intimidated by Obama’s “Val J” team which includes DOJ and IRS. BLM are more than likely involved.

  8. Being a conservative is a hard at any age… Never cool, you are always branded a racist blah blah blah. Just today we were talking about how it has become something you don’t discuss, some of us would be fired from small companies if they knew our views. So not surprising the constant attacks would affect a 13 year old. This is the new America… Having the views of the Founding Fathers is a crime.

  9. Agreed. I live the reality you stated everyday. If you’re a black conservative the hatred and disgust are double down.

  10. Just like Ophra this kid NEVER convinced me he was sincere. They, the blacks, know whites will fawn all over them if they pretend to like whites AND their values. Ever see how many smiling adoring White women were in Oprahs audienece and than BAM!, she endorces Obama and all the smiling white people vote for him. HAH!, Whos the stupid race here? Same with this little POS.

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