Conservative British Politician Stabbed To Death

(cough) Muslim (cough)

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  1. Weird. Wasn’t London Mayor Sadiq Khan letting everyone know last week that he needed a 24/7 security detail because of the “colour of his skin and the god he worships”?

  2. Better crank up the song “Imagine” .. Isnt that what we do when a Muslim commits an atrocity against a white male

    I never quite understood the logic here. What the big idea? To dissuade Muslims from further killings by forcing them to listen to the shittiest song that John Lennon ever sang

  3. Must be some mistake. 20 years ago, only 3 weeks after the Muslim attacks on America, my President said the attacks were caused by white nationalist Christians; because we all know Islam is “the Religion of Peace”..

    Thank God GWB has not been President for 13 years!

    dI said the Ou degenerate liar Bush! My feelings have not changed
    Christians caused 911; KISS MY ASS GWB!

  4. @ grayjohn: Just read a “news” account from the U K that the killer was a Somali musloid refugee. As when the race of mass murderers and other violent crimes here is not mentioned, it’s pretty easy to guess with great accuracy the “nature” of the perp.


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