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Corruption Was Their Business

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The summer 2018 message is one of the clearest pieces of evidence gathered by FBI and congressional investigators that Joe Biden was not simply a passive bystander in his son’s globe-trotting business pursuits, but rather at times assisting and benefiting financially, the messages show. More

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  1. His biography should be titled: Good Pimp, Bad Pimp, Always A Pimp.
    What kind of lowlife imbecile pimps out his own kids?
    Only God knows what else this demented fuck up looking for a place to happen has done in the past!

  2. Public corruption is not a disqualifier among voters who cast their votes for The Party. It is not anything the bastards the bastards identify as a moral failing. THey recognize public corruption as a virtue when they cast their votes.

    The rationale being that individuals who have absolutely no compunction stealing from the public treasury and using the instrumentalities of government to enrich and empower themselves WILL also raid the public treasury to buy their loyalty and will also use their power to unjustly empower them.

    It is a pernicious force we are up against and it is not the Biden family in a vacuum we are up against, it is each and every individual who’s moral;s have been just as corrupted and that includes each and every one who casts a vote for any “progressive” politician. Progressivism is a political philosophy or worldview that is the manifestation of envy and the resentment that cannot but help to develop into a sense of righteous entitlement in a population that no longer recognizes Christian morality.

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    John Adams

    The attack on our Constitution is an attack on Christian people by the followers of a creed totally opposed to The Good. They have gained critical mass and no longer feel it necessary to hide their allegiance to forces opposed to The Good.

    There is no longer any possibility that we are not at a point at which good and decent Christian people have to choose sides and make it clear that they do not recognize good will and/or good intentions coming from the other side. We are going to have to go to war against the forces of evil sooner rather than later if the Republic is going to be saved.

    It may be a cold war, if we act soon enough, but my fear is that it is getting to the point at which that will no longer be possible.

    This progressive movement is the very same progressive movement that supported each and every genocidal regime in the last century as they rose in stature, consolidated power and unleashed a hell on earth on innocent people. They have been the most efficient engine of innocent suffering, misery and death the world has ever seen and to fail to recognize openly what they represent and what their motivation is only plays into their designs.

  3. Joe is emblematic of D.C. itself, the entirety of which (aka the whole steenking, fuckin’ place) is now THE S̶W̶A̶M̶P̶SEWER. He’s like a giant sign over our Capital: “Crime Pays!”

    Everyone in that SEWER expects to get away with every crime they commit. And they are.

  4. We don’t actually need Hunter Biden’s laptop or really anything other than simple math. [Insert Name Here] is a politician who spent tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars running for an office that pays less than $200k per year. He/she leaves that office after a few years and is now a multi-millionaire.

    If we had a real press corps, they would dig into this blatant corruption. Instead, we have MSNBC and the alphabet networks who are less than useless.


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