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Cougar Caught On Film in New Hampshire

No, it’s not Jeanine Pirro.


A hunter and lifelong wildlife enthusiast out looking for shed antlers this spring in Alstead, New Hampshire just happened to have a camera along when he came upon a startling sight over a rise on the trail and photographed what seems to be the first verifiable mountain lion in modern New Hampshire history to be caught on film.

The photographer has hunted extensively in western states with viable mountain lion populations and has seen them there, as well as in New Brunswick, where many residents believe there is a small population, perhaps remnants of the officially extinct — as recently declared by United States wildlife agencies — Eastern cougar. – more

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  1. I didn’t know anybody still used film cameras.

    My great-great-grandfather, John Holly, was killed in Mississippi by a panther as he was fording the Hatchie River on his horse in 1887. He was headed to Memphis with a land deed in his pocket.

    Panthers are rare because people saw fit to kill the murdering varmints. They will eat your little children. And your dogs and cats.

  2. I live in California and out on my daily walk I saw this mountain lion run across the path. I was quite a ways from the cougar and I warned other walkers in the area about it and notified the park ranger. We’ve got a lot of wildlife coming down from the mountains in search of food and water. There’s supposedly a lone wolf within 50 miles of us. Now that would be something to photograph that. Oh, and a woman and her dog got attacked by a black bear last week here.

  3. I had a very large cougar cross the highway in front of me between Libby, Mt. and Eureka, Mt. (alongside Lake Koocanusa) a few years ago. The cougar got my full attention, I slowed down to let him cross the road all the while he was looking at me and I was looking at the cougar. I was extremely glad I was inside a van with the windows rolled up because I didn’t want to mess with that cougar. We see cougars infrequently here in Eastern Wash., N. Idaho and Montana. In fact there was a cougar sighting just the other night after Midnight at the North end of Spokane when a couple of girls spotted one crossing the rd., they even took some videos of it. We have a lot of deer around here which is why we see cougars on occasion.

  4. This is what the country had come to… “The man, a retired professional who has hunted in the West and has seen plenty of cougars, does not want to be identified. “I’ve had problems with Fish and Game and do not want to be involved with them in any way,” he said, “and besides, I just plain don’t want the hassle.” “

  5. Go hiking in Big Bend National Park or on the Big Bend Ranch, and you see cougar/panther/puma/mountain lion spoor all over the place.

    There are even signs on the trails that your “pet or your child” are essentially potential prey for said feline.

    I love to watch the reaction from a lot of genteel Yankee folks when they realize that out here in the vast, western deserts you can die in two hours from the heat, unless properly dressed and hydrated, you can be eaten by wild animals, or if you get off the trails, you can be swallowed up in a box canyon or dry gulch, forever. No, it ain’t your daddy’s “Nawth Woods”.

  6. Rare but Real: 8 Mountain Lions in One Trail Cam Photo

    This photo was taken on my friend’s ranch in central Washington. In fact we were visiting the ranch last Sunday showing off our new baby.

    “The man, a retired professional who has hunted in the West and has seen plenty of cougars, does not want to be identified. “I’ve had problems with Fish and Game and do not want to be involved with them in any way,” Do a bit of looking on the internet and you will find almost the exact same quote from Brad. The WDFW is full of great people… until you get above a certain level and then to many who you encounter are total asshole bureaucrats.

    As far as this being “rare,” eight lions together is not common but if you read hunting books written around eighty to a hundred years ago, it is not all that uncommon for lions to be found in groups of five or six or more.

    Brad has moved out of state, but another guy has been maintaining cameras on the ranch this photo was taken on and on some of the neighboring ranches as do many of the ranchers and they frequently get shots w/cougars in them.

  7. Sir, I know that you THINK you saw a cougar, and that “animal” in the photo somewhat resembles a cougar, but until the government spends $500,000 studying that particular location to confirm this “sighting”, I suggest you keep your theories to yourself.

    Wildlife cops need no warrants by the way. They can go on your private property for any reason. They can hold a gun pointed at you without showing ID. They have VERY broad powers. FEAR them.

  8. I don’t have a bone to pick about this story, but here in Calif we have cougars, and we see lots of pictures of our local cats. I zoomed in on this pic because it looks weird to me. That face looks like a case of crap taxidermy if I ever saw it.

  9. Hate to tell you, but, one Osaladtossers first Diktats was to force all “TrailCams” makers to include RFID chips into all their products. With or without batteries, they still emit enough of a signal that they can be picked up by the GeoSync Sats.

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