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Crazy Abortion Lady Claims It’s “Fading As An Issue”

In what appears to be an attempt to walk back comments made by DNC chair Tom Perez and Senator Dick Durbin’s that all future Dem candidates must be Pro-Abortion, House Minority Leader held out an olive branch to the Pro-Life Left.

The enabling media is reporting that Madame Brain Fried stated that the Democrat Party isn’t a “rubber stamp party” and “flexible” when it comes to abortion. Here

Her actual words Here

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  1. How many vacuumed fetuses were run through a Cuisinart and infused into her last, uncollapsed vein to keep Piglosi viable?

    Someone please switch her O2 bottle with a rusted spray paint can.

  2. Bored of the Things…
    The night was as clear as an elfstone, sparkling with starpoints, as Hairy gReid gathered his party in the pasture outside the town. In addition to J. Fraud Skeevy, were the twin sisters Maxine and Pelosi Dingleberry, both of whom were noisome and easily expendable. As they were frisking happily in the meadow, Hairy called them to attention, wondering vaguely why Obamboozler had saddled him with two tail-wagging idiots that no one in town could trust with a burnt-out match. 

”Let’s go, let’s go!” cried Maxine. 

”Yes, let’s,” added Pelosi, who promptly took one step, fell directly on her flat head, and managed to bloody her nose. 

”Icky!” laughed Maxine. 

”Double icky!” wailed Pelosi. 

    gReid rolled his eyes heavenward. It wuz going to be a long epic…

  3. Every time there are hearings and debates on Supreme Court nominees we get to see how open-minded democrats are on abortion. It is absolutely sacred to them. No other option is tolerated.

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