Cruise Ship Still Testing Positive For Coronavirus More Than Two Weeks After Evacuation


Traces of new coronavirus were found on surfaces in cruise-ship cabins for as many as 17 days after passengers left, researchers said, though it wasn’t possible to determine whether they caused any infections. Researchers looked at the rooms of infected passengers aboard the Diamond Princess, both those who showed symptoms and those who didn’t, according to a study Monday in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. More

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  1. The fact is that this shit is all over the place and most people are likely infected with it, which makes the mortality rate a lot lower than we think. And for most of us, it’s completely asymptomatic. For he rest, it ranges from feeling really shitty to dying. It’s nasty, but so is a major economic depression. And the depression will have a bigger body count.

    Maintaining social distancing, practicing decent hygiene, and beheading assholes who lick shit in the grocery aisles will pretty much get every thing in ship shape soon enough.

  2. I’m disappointed that everybody’s still calling this thing “coronavirus” or, worse, “THE coronavirus”. OK, yes, it is A coronavirus.

    But it would be great if we could name it something that reflects its origin, the way other diseases have been named. My current suggestion is the Wuhan Plague.

  3. How about “Winnie the Flu” once in a while.

    Named after the CRIMINAL Communist Leader and irresponsible despot!

  4. I’m ok with calling it the Kung-Flu.

    They won’t ever get that ship disinfected until they figure out how to disinfect air vents, replace carpets etc. I say just tow it out a few miles and sink it.

    And plus 1 on the beheading part.

  5. Is…… is this the same cruise ship that had everyone quarantined on board for weeks but 83% of the passengers tested negative for the Chinky Chills?

    Memberberry? It was a “petri dish” just waiting to dock somewhere and spread the INCURABLE DEATH VIRUS ACROSS THE ENTIRE PLANET!!!!!

    But then nothing happened so everyone started to focus on the next place to spaz out about….probably Italy or something.

    ah….good times.

  6. @Toenex, probably another scare tactic. However, on the chance they were wrong about the 3 days, then they could be wrong about the 24 hours on cardboard, yet I don’t see anyone calling for the USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex or Amazon being shut down.
    I bet they never use that scare tactic that while staying in your home the mailman is delivering you Kung-Flu.

  7. Whaddya mean 24 hrs on cardboard???
    Since Obama tanked my 20 yr old business and I “had to” get a “real job” as a maintenance man at an apt complex filled with morons and govt dependents, I spend at least an hour every morning removing the new tv boxes and other large cardboard from the garbage dumpsters and putting it in the cardboard only recycle dumpster beside it, so that there’s room in the garbage for me to put all the trash they dumped on the ground beside the two tanks!!!
    Does that mean ive been handling possibly contaminimated materials? Am I going to die? This is Trumps fault!


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