Cruz Says Trump Has Nothing To Apologize About

Cruz praised Trump for spotlighting a problem, a problem which the PC crowd wants to overlook – that there are illegals flooding through our borders who or not good people.

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Meanwhile, Trump is firing a third barrel. He says his comments were accurate.

And they WERE. I loathe the left and their ridiculous omission of the word ILLEGAL when discussing ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

The little nipping chihuahua, Gutieirrez, does that each and every time.

Good for The Donald for not backing down.


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  1. this is cool. I like how Trump is stirring the pot and forcing the issues.

    He’d be a hoot as president. Much better to have a hoot than a turd.

  2. Actually, its ICE and DHS that said sex offenders are streaming over the border. Although I suspect those agents have been sent to Siberia

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