Ted Cruz Auditions for The Simpsons

Senator and 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz does his best impressions of characters from “The Simpsons.”

h/t LibertyNews

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  1. once again we see the ridicules extent our politicians go to sell themselves to us as voters, and the perception created by the msm bias.

    if obama did this it would be declared in the msm to be one of the coolest political spots ever, how cool is obama?

    since it was cruz, it just proves how stupid, unserious and uncool cruz is.

    meanwhile we are being dragged down into tyranny and this is what a potential candidate wants aired on the boob tube?

  2. Among Bob Dole’s many faults, especially when running for President, was that he wasn’t his usual “smart-alec-y self”. Cuz Bob Dole knew that Bob Dole knew what the people wanted, and Bob Dole was going to give it to them.

    Bob Dole prolly had one of those “non”partisan political strategists that actually had Bob Dole sink Bob Dole without Bob Dole even knowing about it.

  3. If I had to deal with all Ted Cruz does, I would want a lighter side to my life too. Nice to know the man has a sense of humor and can laugh at himself, as did Reagan. Loved it!

  4. The Simpsons are my secret shame. Despite the flaming Libtard assholes who run the show, I’ve enjoyed watching it since 1990.

    Meanwhile, I give Ted Cruz much applause. He has a great sense of humor. One of the things the Left has had removed at birth – besides morals and intelligence – is a sense of humor. They simply cannot tolerate being ridiculed and laughed at. Parody and Ridicule remain two of Conservatism’s greatest weapons. It probably explains why the Left craves the ability to regulate and censor the “Internets”.

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