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Hillary Clinton is for the “little guy,” right? The middle class schlub? The vast numbers of the 99%? After all, in the speech she gave for her Campaign Rollout 1.0 in April, she declared, “Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times. But the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top.” She repeated much of that theme at Campaign Rollout 1.1 on June 13.

hillary's homes

So this little video recently presented to young adults in Washington DC was quite the eye-opener. They were asked to match the pictured mansion with the presidential candidate. It will surprise you. I know I was left speechless.

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  1. What bother’s me is that none of these dipshits have probably never listened to 8 words from Hilary Clinton. They don’t know what the hell she stands for, or what she has said in the past, or who she really is. What bothers me more than that, is that a candidate who has a lot of money is now automatically written off and declared an enemy.

  2. Yes, the Hillbag is only too happy to screech to us with a fist in the air that she’s just here to “protect” the little guy –
    “Wherever there’s wrong-doing, we’ll be there.”
    “Wherever there’s injustice, we’ll be there.”
    “Wherever there’s corruption, we’ll be there.”
    And wherever there’s a bunch of big guys beating up on a little guy, she’ll be there too…
    helping to hold the little guy down!

  3. Just don’t take that to campus. It will make the girls feel unsafe, and some big fat feminist will come beat your asses and confiscate your stuff.

  4. Saw this video on another website.

    I would have guessed correctly. The upper left picture looks like a typical Georgetown colonial; upper right looks like a typical wood-frame Chappaqua colonial, and I’m guessing the other two are the rentals–Martha’s Vineyard and The Hamptons, probably.

    Where do these asshats get that Rubio has that kind of dough? His net worth is a tiny fraction of Shrillary’s. I can maybe see misguessing Bush, since he comes from a wealthy family. But Rubio? These clowns seem to think that all Republicans are rollong in it. They’re not.

  5. They all have a lot of money. Some
    have even more money. And some
    are “dead broke and in debt” when
    they move out of the White House.

    Guess which of the above sentences
    is a lie.

  6. Hillary shows us that Fraud, Deceit and Corruption pays well……..when you get away with it.

    She’ll tell you all about it for a $250,000 speaking fee .

  7. perfect example of msm’s “produced voter ignorance” and just how effective it is.

    these potential voters all indicate that would make different choices if they were better informed about the candidates.

    imagine if the msm brought the clinton charity escapades to the public eye.

    it’s not what the msm reports on it’s what they leave out!

  8. Kinda puts their tantrums over Marco Rubio’s fishing boat into perspective, don’t it?

  9. Being apolitical was a luxury only those living during the ’50s through the ’80s could afford. Being apolitical nowadays means you’re being robbed, in many ways.

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