Muslims Cabbies Shocked When They Were Forced To Obey The Law

DailySurge– New York City Muslim cabbies were outraged after being slapped with hefty fines for tying up traffic and double-parking outside a Manhattan mosque while they were inside saying Friday prayers for Ramadan.

muslim cab driver

Mohammad Zaman, a New York City cab driver, claims that at least one officer handed out nearly 100 tickets on the streets surrounding the Islamic Cultural Center on the upper west side of Manhattan.

Apparently New York’s Muslim cab drivers think it’s okay to double park on crowded Manhattan streets whenever they decide it’s time to pray. more

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  1. That’s what they do in moslem countries- stop everything right where they happen to be, get out the non-flying carpet and do their bit. Since everyone is supposed to be doing it no one is inconvenienced.

    The muzz in NYC probably feel that wherever they are is where it’s at and f_ck the kaffir.

  2. all it will take are a couple of meter maid stoning’s or beheadings and you bet that won’t happen again!

  3. parking tickets? when I read the headline I though maybe they were ticked for smelling badly while driving the cab.

  4. To be fair, they’re only shocked because they’ve been allowed to do it in the past with no problem. When a law is not enforced, or only selectively enforced,
    it might as well not be on the books.

  5. This has been going on for years. Why the crackdown now? I mean, besides the revenue. Maybe the cabbies are all ready for Hillary, and DeBlasio is miffed about it. Anyway, here come da DOJ.

  6. The city needs the money, that slow down they had a few months back really cut into their revenue. However, the story made me LMAO at the muzzies getting a ticket. They found out they are no one special. I wouldn’t get into a cab with any muzzie, they do smell! On a different note, it was 108 at my house yesterday, and 110 expected today. There’s a muzzie woman all decked out in her burkha crap walking the usual walking trail here. Everyone gets out of her way, it’s amusing to watch the look on their faces with the sweat running down their face. I bet she’s burning her ass off in that get up.

  7. In general my give-a-crap-o-meter reads in the large negative numbers for mohammadmen, but if the cops haven’t been ticketing the double parkers then they should have written warning tickets, say for one week. Then, write away.

  8. If the effin rag heads do not want to assimilate, GTFO! Go back to their beloved middle eastern shit holes where the fools are terrorized into putting up with the islam cult.

  9. “This is a special prayer time, a time for religion..”

    The police need to be enforcing this every time. I don’t care who you are, one of the tenets of Western Civ is not impeding traffic of other people.

  10. Wait til the CAIRorists demand Kuffar-financed rehydration stations every quarter mile along the trail

  11. I’m surprised that no enterprising New Yawker(s) with an attitude hasn’t already shived (shivved?) a double row of double parked tires. Too easy to do, undetected. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. In France they just block off whole sections of larger cities when they head out to the street and say their prayers. Wait until emergency equipment are unable to reach a disaster because of that bullshit.

    As my dear old mother used to say, they think their shit don’t stink.

  13. @MM, you’re quite right. In Paris especially (although I’ve heard it done is Marseilles as well) the Muslims will lock up huge swaths of the city while they are “at prayer” in order to create an object lesson for the city authorities on who is in control. I would wonder whether this mosque and others like it are essentially just practicing their role in bringing the city to a grinding halt. In order to prevent future violent confrontations the cops ought write a ticket each and every time they see this occurring to make sure they understand that this behaviour will not be tolerated now or in the future.

  14. Glad they got tickets, need to do this much more! Which makes me wonder, what happens when Achmed has a passenger in the cab and the bewitching hour strikes? Does he stop the cab in the middle of the street, whip out the flying carpet and do his thing while the passenger sits there with the meter running? If they don’t stop and pray do they burst into flames?

  15. Good. Common sense would let anyone know not to be wearing that shit in 100+ weather. If she doesn’t stand up for herself as a human being then she should suffer her consequences.

  16. You guys are soooooo closed minded. Can’t we all just get along? Er, wait… can’t we all just get an AR and a no. 3 washtub of ammo? Party time!

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