Dalai Lama To Migrants: ‘Europe Belongs To The Europeans’

DC: The exiled spiritual leader of Tibet said Wednesday that, while Europe can help refugees, “Europe belongs to the Europeans” and migrants should rebuild their homelands.

The Dalai Lama made the comments at a conference in Malmo, Sweden, which has struggled with an increase in rape and violent crimes correlating to an increase in refugees from Syria and other predominantly Muslim countries. The Dalai Lama argued that European countries were “morally responsible” for assisting “a refugee really facing danger against their life,” but that refugees should ultimately go back and rebuild their home countries.

“Receive them, help them, educate them … but ultimately they should develop their own country,” the Dalai Lama said, according to AFP.

“I think Europe belongs to the Europeans,” he added, saying “they ultimately should rebuild their own country.”

The spiritual leader’s comments likely struck a chord with locals, as Sweden has experienced an explosion in violent migrant gang-related incidents, many of which involved military-grade explosive devices, since 2014 when over 100,000 asylum seekers from predominantly Muslim countries settled in the area.

The Dalai Lama also made similar comments concerning refugees in Germany in 2016, saying that “Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country.”

“Germany is Germany. There are so many that in practice it becomes difficult,” he said, according to Independent.

“From a moral point of view, too, I think that the refugees should only be admitted temporarily,” he added.  MORE HERE

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  1. I generally don’t care what the Dalai Lama says, but he is right on. Not only that, he said it in the belly of the immigrant invasion–Malmo. He had the courage to say what he did and give a great suggestion which is rarely said–go home and rebuild your own nations. I guess he speaks from experience as the Chinese poured their people into Tibet, basically colonizing the country, diluting the population, in effect changing the character of the nation. Don’t think he will get a lot of back lash, and probably doesn’t care. If it was Trump or Franklin Graham, the whole world would be hysterical for a week or so.


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