Dallas Tornado

Night time tornado rips through Dallas causing severe damage.

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  1. Sirens went off in my Plano neighborhood, but the twister was 10 miles south of us in Richardson. The nice thing about Texas tornadoes is they’re relatively small while Texas is relatively big. Easy to be missed.

  2. The sad story is we had a big storm this spring and lost a lot of trees but the City didn’t have the money or a place to put the debris until a month ago so it sat by the curb and rotted.
    But the crooked City Council had the money to paint the crosswalks in the gay area of town rainbow colors and $400,000 to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee from Lee Park. The Democrats are doing their best to turn the beautiful City of Dallas into a shithole like Detroit.

  3. We probably 10-15 miles away and never had a clue this happened…

    Nobody in our group got phone calls etc….

    There were weather warnings in TV in another room but none of it supplanted the cowboy game..

    Got up this morning to discover there was a tornado..

  4. yikes, in that first video the tornado isn’t moving

    one of the first things they teach in weather spotter training is that if the tornado isn’t moving across your field of vision then assume it’s coming toward you

    like I said, yikes

  5. This very cold front moved through my area in Southeast Texas a few hours ago. Man, what a ride. No tornados, but it looked like a hurricane outside. On the good side, it was 90 degrees yesterday and this will finally cool things off.

  6. It wasn’t anywhere near the middle of the night. Unless 9pm is middle of the night to you.

    Closest was maybe 5 miles from my home and the path crossed several areas where I have customers.

    I’ve heard the “train” sound of them before, when I was in OKC, but nada and barely rained on my street. Very blessed and so is the fact I haven’t heard of a fatality yet.

    Some lightning did trip the light sensor of the light pole, at the end of my driveway, and shut it off temporarily. But that was it.

    Weirdly, 2 days before, Home Depot had a simple two-man shelter I had never seen before near the exit that I checked out and on Saturday a friend/customer and I talked about his emergency generator when I was at his house. Known him since 1998 and it was the first time I asked about it.

    I will be getting one of those in the next year or two. When our ‘hood goes down it tends to stay down a few days – 4 days last June with the wind storm. The gas one I bought years ago sits too long in-between needs to stay useful without re-building the carburetor every two years.

    Lost a lot of freezer meat back in June to a 4 day down-age. No A/C and no internet was more of a problem for me. I ran both my trucks with inverters to run my work PC and printer. Rather have the generator that can run the whole house off my Natural gas line and tied into my system so it turns on by itself.

  7. I’m temporarily living in Grapevine while my house is being repaired (fire back in July). It rained a lot here, but nothing else. There was a lot of debris from high winds on I-35 not too far from my house, but my house appears to be unscathed. Some friends in Dallas had their fence destroyed, extensive roof damage, and several places where their ceiling collapsed. Three doors down from them, a house was destroyed.

  8. On the plus side, the cool but sunny weather is amazing today in Dallas.

    Just north of White Rock Lake the traffic lights were flashing red. Really stopped up the traffic on Northwest Highway. Lots of tree damage visible.

    2 blocks south of Northwest Highway every was fine.

  9. Dallas Tornado? What league does it play in? In fact, what sport is it?

    I’m guessing the National Women’s Box Lacrosse League, and box lacrosse is their sport.

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