The Global Warming Scam Exposed Through Comedy


This is a Doc pick, and it’s a good one.

11 Comments on The Global Warming Scam Exposed Through Comedy

  1. Other than the hostile, smarmy journalist, that whole video could have been shot in the Obama oval office. Scary!

  2. But how could the BBC create such an honest piece??? Do they not care about the doom that awaits us in a mere (looks at watch) 14 months? I mean 11.4 years? I mean – hold on – my private jet is boarding.

  3. More comedy. NBA players can’t have their feelings hurt, so zero tolerance for calling them “boy” or fags.

    “We’ve added any sexist language or LGBTQ language, any denigrating language in that way, anything that is non-basketball-related. So ‘your mother’ comments, talking about your family, talking about test scores, anything non-basketball-related, we’ve added that in as well as being something that we will go and pull a fan out of the seat and investigate what happened.”


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