Dam Busters

California and Oregon have moved ahead without Federal participation with the removal of four hydroelectric dams on the lower sections of the Klamath River in Northern California.


The decommissioning cost will run to $300 million, with California selling $250 in bonds to cover its share and Oregon and Northern California charging $200 million more in surcharges to customers.

There is no indication in the article how the planners expect to replace the electricity lost in the reclamation project.  Warren Buffet, who owns the affected utility company will save an estimated $400 million not having to retrofit fish ladders and improve water quality to meet federal regulations.


This earlier report on the Klamath Dam remove proposal shows that there will be at least two dams remaining in Oregon that block salmon from reaching spawning grounds on Upper Klamath Lake (the Keno and the Link River dams). Despite this barrior regulators and politicians will be able to claim some kind of environmental victory, at the cost of irrigation, electricity and water control to local residents.


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  1. It’s the new environo porn.
    Sexy Spawning Salmon on pay-per-view.
    Lusty, Leaping Chinooks ravaging their quivering conquests on billionaires Love Ladders.
    It’s raining sex-starved salmon shipmates.

  2. There are no carbon emissions with hydro power, yet the environmental do-gooders are taking major hydro sources out of service here.
    Please remember this next time you hear a whacko do-gooder lament man-made global warming.

  3. It is not about the fish. It is about the money. Someone stands to make a bundle conning the environmentalists into removing the damns.

  4. Zonga, No, LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE. This should be fun to watch. The Klamath Basin and Wet Lands probably holds more Water Foul than anyplace on earth. You get rid of the damns you get rid of all that habitat. I’m willing to bet Ducks Unlimited is filing the law suite right now. I’ll see your fish and raise you 250 different varieties of Water Foul. Stupid assholes.
    This is driven by those whacked MoFo’s “Freinds of The Rivers” again. The main reason Cali had no water last year.

  5. This is especially stupid when you consider that our lesbian governor just signed into law that by 2022 half of our power must be by renewable sources. That was our governor next to the other stupid governor Brown congratulating each other at the photo op.

  6. drriff,
    Sounds like something straight out of Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged), “Anthem”. Even though she wrote in in the mid 30s, it sounds strangely prescient.
    Is it too late to build a wall across Kalifornication/Already-gon/ Washington, to keep the socialist Libtards from escaping and infecting the rest of the country with their madness??

  7. Sure seems pig headed to remove so much well established water fowl habitat. Plus the loss of a REgressive godhead, that is a non carbon producing, sustainable & renewable source of energy. Wow

    First they pass regulations saying they must install $400 million in fish ladders. Than they say they can’t afford that. So then they sell $300 million in bonds to remove the damns.

    Someone above said follow the money, couldn’t be truer.

  8. What did the fish say when it swam into a concrete wall? DAM! You just know these bastards want to breach some dams on the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington next in order to save the salmon or some other politically correct endangered species.

  9. The best part of this is the elimination of the irrigation for the farmland there, that will no longer produce any food. Real thought went into this, I can tell. The best idiocy requires lots of planning.

    They lose the hydropower, they lose the agriculture, but hey, the environazis get to feel smug as they starve to death in their cold, dark, houses.

  10. In your anger you’re missing the point…Buffet the mega billionaire gets to keep his $400 million, while the taxpayer gets screwed out of at least $300 million up front and who knows how much all-together.

    THAT’S what this is really all about, a filthy rich bastard getting what he wants, assisted by a bunch of do-gooding useful idiots!

  11. Guess who has bought the farmland in Southern California and western Arizona with its favorable water rights? SAUDI ARABIA.
    So they can raise alfalfa for hay for the livestock back in SAUDI ARABIA. They are here depleting OUR water for a ridiculously water hogging crop to provide hay for THEIR COUNTRY. Its about the water here in the West, and the global elitists are looting the USA once again. Everyone loots this country.

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