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Day 2 of the Michael Sussmann Trial

That’s not all. Techno Fog found a new picture of Durham!
That makes 3 that I’ve seen of him.

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Day 2 of the Michael Sussmann trial started with some housekeeping. Here are the rulings of note:

  1. Robby Mook, who has a scheduled vacation in Spain, will testify on Friday. He’s a defense witness.
  2. Evidence of Steele’s meetings with Sussmann and Fusion GPS in July 2016, and his tasking to conduct research on Alfa Bank, according to the judge, “can come in.” The judge observed they are “relevant to Mr. Sussmann’s activities for the campaign and his attorney-client relationship, as far as it went, with the campaign as it relates to Alfa-Bank.”

Onto the witnesses. We start with the short testimony of Deborah Fine.

Fine began working for the Hillary Clinton Campaign (aka Hillary for America) as “one of several deputy general counsels” in May 2016. She answered to Marc Elias, the campaign’s general counsel.

After being presented with calendar entries confirming her daily calls with Fusion GPS, she testified that she worked with them as “part of my work for the campaign.” In fact, she regularly interacted with Glenn Simpson and co-founder Peter Fritsch. Fine conceded that Fusion GPS were seemingly free to conduct research on their own, stating she “personally didn’t direct them” to accomplish specific tasks.

On cross, she admitted she didn’t now if Marc Elias spoke to anyone else at the Clinton Campaign about the activities of Fusion GPS. She was out of the loop regarding efforts to bring the Alfa Bank allegations to the NY Times or to the FBI.

Testimony of Laura Seago

Laura Seago worked with Fusion GPS back in 2016, where she reported directly to Fritsch and Simpson. She has been granted immunity by the Special Counsel for her testimony. She understood Marc Elias to be the Fusion GPS contact for the Clinton Campaign. more

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  1. Biggest Political Scandal in American history, and it’s practically unreported by the Main Stream Dementiacrat Media. Without Conservative Internet sites like iOTW, Techno Fog and the American Thinker, this story would already be dead and buried.

    Chardonnay and Vodka deliveries are definitely increasing at the Chappaqua Hideout.

  2. I have had my suspicions about this investigation from day one. Why would an agency that openly allowed democrats to commit federal crimes turn around and investigate those same democrats? When Durham announced that the FBI was duped it all fell into place. Hitlery will never be charged. The FBI, that took full part in thise crime and lied to the FISA court will be exonerated which is the goal of this fake investigation. The DOJ will use it as proof that they are fair and honest. Democrats will use it as proof that republicans were wrong. The only people who will face any justice will be some low level actors. The whole purpose of this scam was and is to make Republicans look like fools.

  3. Should have been over 2 years ago.
    1 way or the other…….
    I predict another 2 years and it will all
    just fade away.Public done moved on.


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