De Blasio Ends Presidential Bid while ensuring that, “NYC will remain the vanguard of progressivism”


Why I’m ending my 2020 presidential campaign — and what I promise to do next

My presidential campaign may be over, but I am going to keep fighting for working people — and ensuring that New York City remains the vanguard of progressivism.

This campaign has been a profound experience for me. I saw America in full — not as it appears on Twitter and cable news, where we’re constantly shown a country hamstrung by our differences and unable to tackle the problems we face. We have more in common than we realize — and more and more of us across the country are overcoming our divisions and standing up for working people.

I’m going to redouble my efforts to improve the quality of life of everyday New Yorkers, proving that policies like guaranteed paid personal time off can work on a grand scale. I’m going to continue implementing universal health care and a Green New Deal in the nation’s largest city.


Look for De Blasio’s nightmarish and extremely unpopular mayoral reign to end next.

22 Comments on De Blasio Ends Presidential Bid while ensuring that, “NYC will remain the vanguard of progressivism”

  1. Trump’s tweet on this breaking news was hysterical.
    Something like… polling at zero percent, part time mayor de Blasio had plenty of room for growth. People of NYC are devastated that he’s coming home.

  2. I don’t pay much attention to what’s going on in NYC, but I’m curious: What kind of fiscal condition is the city in?

  3. That picture reminds me of that rodent he killed. Wasn’t it a ground hog that was going to predict if they had six more weeks of winter on Groundhog Day?

  4. nyc may-whore big-a**io: tell someone who gives a s**t, you useless a**hole. your next job a partnership with pm justa-t**dhole & skate-boarder beat-off from el paso?

  5. HIs office complains that he only works a few hours a week. He’s not even popular with his own staff!
    What is he going to do with the 20K he raised? lol

  6. “Well, NYC is officially NOW the city of Bill deBlasio
    Saw 2 needles in the gutter, a squeegee guy on the corner of 42nd & Ninth & a homeless guy hollering at the top of is lungs “F..k you, I’ll kill you” at people walking by a block away.
    Will New Yorkers finally get it? Paging Rudy Giuliani!! HELP!!”

  7. “… vanguard of progressivism …”

    Mispelt “nihilistic totalitarianism” there, dude.
    (yeah, I know, I mispelt “mispelt”)

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. You should have heard his exit excuse on msNBC TV. He was so busy executing duties that he had no time to REALLY focus on the campaign. As a CEO Elite type he was ‘encumbered’ with other tasks that took up his valuable time.

  9. ha-Ha-HA! Fuck YOU deBlowsio! Go crawling back to that rat-ridden shithole town of yours, you corrupt Socialist piece of shit. And get ready for the forensic audit of the $1,000,000,000.00 dollars that your scumbag wife EMBEZZLED from us!

  10. Great, now audit his books. where did his money come from, how much did he spend on “allowable” expenses, how much and to who does he still owe for real election expenses and how much is left over. Then make the audit public.


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