President Trump autographs the border wall in California

Epoch Times:

President Donald Trump signed one of the posts of the U.S.–Mexico border wall with a sharpie in Otay Mesa, California, on Sept. 18.

The president was visiting California for a fundraiser in Los Angeles, followed by a fundraiser in San Diego, and later visited the border wall on Wednesday. He autographed the wall with a sharpie and followed it with a press conference.

Trump applauded the building process and invited reporters to have a close look at the materials used for building the wall.

“If you think you’re gonna cut it with a blowtorch that doesn’t work because you hit concrete,” he said, adding that it is not possible to even cut through the concrete because it is reinforced with rebar.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Trump told reporters.

13 Comments on President Trump autographs the border wall in California

  1. The left would send in a squadron of pigeons AKA The Dirty Birds to shit on and desecrate the President’s signature.

  2. Sharpie pen – $1.00
    Freshly dry cleaned suit – $25.00
    Flight to California on Air-Force One – $50,000.
    Spaz effect on Liberals everywhere – Priceless

  3. I hope he signed it out in the middle of nowhere. That way the Lazy Leftist Lava Lamp Luddites will never bother to venture out there that far to deface our Wall.


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