Defeated Greta Whines Climate Strikes Have ‘Achieved Nothing,’ Claims People Are ‘Dying Today’

DailyWire:On Friday, far-left activist Greta Thunberg struck a somber, defeatist tone while speaking to fellow climate activists gathered at the United Nations climate talks in Madrid, Spain.

The Swedish teen complained that school climate strikes have “achieved nothing” and claimed that opponents of her radical agenda are trying to “silence” her and her supporters. Thunberg also claimed people are currently “suffering and dying” due to effects of supposed man-made climate change.

“The global wave of school strikes for the climate over the past year has ‘achieved nothing’ because greenhouse gas emissions have continued to rise,” Thunberg reportedly told fellow activists, according to The Guardian.

“I’m just an activist and we need more activists,” the 16-year-old said. “Some people are afraid to change – they try so desperately to silence us.”

“We can’t go on like this; it is not sustainable that children skip school and we don’t want to continue – we would love some action from the people in power. People are suffering and dying today. We can’t wait any longer,” Thunberg warned.

The climate extremist expressed little hope in governments across the globe acting in a manner she sees fit to save the world from apparent destruction. read more

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  1. Most activists seem to be very inactive when it comes to putting down their tablets and phones and walking to school, playing sports, shoveling snow, any type of manual work, etc.

  2. Greta: “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction”

    You first honey, don’t be shy.

    Let me be the first to say, “Greta DID commit suicide!”

  3. I’ve noted over time that many of you have “Give a Shit” gardens and some with the even more difficult to cultivate “Give a F@*K” gardens. Do any of you have any produce to be found or are all these gardens still barren?

    I’ll wait quietly here for any extra product that you might produce…

  4. The crazy kid needs to be medicated, and disciplined.

    She’s a mentally unfit brat and no one should listen to her.

  5. Hey Greta.

    We’re not trying to silence you one bit!

    We’re simply pointing out how full of shit you and your puppet masters are! LOL!

  6. It’s too late for this little Hitler. Her parents (may they burn in hell for what they did to this child) have set her mindset in place, her values have been set for life, her hatreds have been identified and set and her overall personality (that really does resemble that of a merciless socialist dictator) is now locked in. Hell. if I were a reporter I’d ask for an interview and lead her into answering questions such as whether reeducation camps be set up for those that question the man-mad climate change doctrine and whether billionaires who manufacture carbon intensive products ought to be jailed (our executed) and their fortunes given to the government (or the workers). This kid believes all the lies, half-truths and bad science she’s been told and nothing will change her mind. In a very real way I feel sorry for her just as I felt sorry for Pavlov’s dogs.

  7. Let’s cut off fossil fuels to Sweden this winter and see what happens. If we’re lucky, the Muslim invaders will die off first.

  8. Joan of Dork is a very dark young person. Ignorant as obams, too.

    She’ll kill herself when her ridiculous celebrity fades. At least Obama has michelle to cuddle up with.


  9. Zero fucks. I can heat my home for 2 to 12 dollars a day.

    12 dollars a day is extravagant and rare. 3 dollars a day is normal. It was 6 dollars a day before I learned the stoker’s method of firing.

    Go fuck your hat, Greta.

    William S., I know you are dead, but you aren’t gone. The world is better with your teaching. And the fact that you spread that knowledge without stint is a testament to your zeal.

    Greta, you worthless simulacrum of a mommet! You aren’t fit to be a zit on this Man’s ass.

    I guess that sounds like I’m making some kind of joke. Greta can get fucked with dynamite.

    William S. knew what the fuck he was talking about. Everything he said about stoking is the truth.

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