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Democrat Party Headed Straight Into The Ditch

As the president’s poll numbers continue to improve, experts are scratching their heads trying to figure out how Donald Trump seems to be defying gravity. What they aren’t  talking about is the damage the democrats have been causing themselves in their dash to socialism and radical politics. Here 

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  1. Can you imagine how bad it would be if the press was honest and actually showed all the antics the left has been up to? Crazy max, booker, pelosi, schumer, and dozens more.

  2. If the MSM just reported the facts the Democrat party would loose majorities in all states including N.Y. & C.A.

    Fact: Trump drilled hot women and he did not have to rape them or use the power of political office to have consensual sex. (if he were running for local pastor that would be problematic- but as POTUS he is a hell of a lot more morally speaking than LBJ or BJ Clinton) Oh, he made his fortune in the private sector on his own steam.
    Fact: There is no Russia, Russia, Russia and the GDP is 4%+.
    Fact: 8 years of Obama the GDP was 1 plus or minus .whatever%
    Fact: Bill Clinton is a rapist who used the power of his public office to rape women and steal millions.
    Fact: Hillary- same just add Vince Foster and Seth Richards as for body counts and the e-mails and you all know- preaching to the chour.
    Fact: Mad Max has made millions gifting while “serving” as an elected offical and she does not even live in her own district
    Fact: Cory Booker was calling for violence before calling for love.
    Fact: The Reverand Al Sharpton cause a race riot where people were murdered
    Fact: Obama was friendly and tight with Louise Frahakan and the Rev White is a racist who yelled God Damn America the Sunday after 9/11.
    Fact: there has never been a country called Palestine. Ever. In the history of the world- not even once.
    Fact: Communism has failed every single time it’s been tried and the only places where Socialism is ‘working’ are places that are subsidized by the American tax payer.

    And the list could go on and on and on destroying the entire narrative of the left. I don’t know how the MSM types can go to work ever day thinking “how do I keep this great and spacious building of excrement standing today?”. As for me- I’m made as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. (Thank G-d for IOTW- without it I would have gone insane during the Obama years).

  3. Free rope, knock yourselves out, got to get the people’s attention , make more noise. There you go you are doing it right.

  4. “Off a cliff” has a better ring to it!
    With jagged rocks below sounds even better.

  5. I think not there is anything straight about the dems

  6. “WE HATE AMERICA…you should too!
    VOTE FOR US!!!” – The Democrats…“because we care!”

  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, Paul Ryan would like to say a few words about this problem and will be at the microphone momentarily. He just concluded a meeting with Tom Donahue and has to gargle first.

  8. “Into the ditch”? @organgrinder has a better idea with the cliff. My own fantasy is them racing toward the crater rim of the an active volcano’s lava lake.


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