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Is Walker In Trouble In Dairyland?

Recent polling by NBC/Marist has Governor Scott Walker 13 points behind yet to be nominated Dem Tony Evers, Wisconsin’s Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Democrat primary is set for August 14th and numerous polls show Evers the clear favorite over a crowded field of hopefuls.

Allahpundit at Hot Air, questions the validity of the NBC/Marist poll.   More


10 Comments on Is Walker In Trouble In Dairyland?

  1. Recent polling by NBC/Marist has Hillary Clinton ahead by 50 points, in case you wanted to ask.

  2. So they polled Madison and Milwaukee and all the teachers said they’d vote for Evers. DUH

  3. They have worked Damn hard to beat him up and beat him since he kicked the school unions in the nuts 10 years ago

  4. There’s something stinky about the Superintendent of Public Education polling so far ahead of everyone else and it smells like an over sampling of teacher’s union diehards

  5. They obviously didn’t poll the Russian bots – Putin is going to rig it for Walker

  6. Could happen. Just flip around the tv channels at all the reality shows and look at how many idiots there are.

  7. Consider the source. Fake news still rules.

  8. Seems to me Walker is always down in the polls. Then why does he win?

  9. I don’t think there’s much chance to see things turn this time considering how well we’ve been doing in WI the last years under Walker. Not that things can’t go strangely south, but the state showed it’s no longer in the back pocket of public sector unions, so I can’t see how pushing a diehard union dipshit is going to shake things up.


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