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Democrat refuses to return political donations from Epstein


Stacey Plaskett, the delegate to the U.S House of Representatives from the Virgin Islands, is unlikely to return the thousands of dollars donated to her campaign by Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire sex offender recently arrested for child sex trafficking.

Plaskett, a Democrat, has served as the island territory’s representative to Congress since first being elected in 2014. Throughout her tenure, Plaskett has received $8,100 from Epstein, who owns his own private island in the Virgin Islands territory called Little Saint James.

Plaskett’s office told CNBC on Monday the congresswoman was “unlikely to return the contribution.”

“I’m pretty sure she’s not,” Mike McQueery, a spokesman for the congresswoman, said. 

15 Comments on Democrat refuses to return political donations from Epstein

  1. Anyone NOT surprised please raise your hand……..yeah, didn’t think so.

  2. She certainly didn’t spend any of that $8100 on cosmetics.

  3. Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.
    Takes the king’s money, dance to the king’s music.

  4. Seems quite mannish and the scruples point to Moo genes. Is this Mike’s long lost sibling?

  5. Money exchanged hands. You don’t ask a prostitute for your money back after the deed is done. Or so Hollywood tells me.

  6. Perv paid off the “Virgin Islands” rep!! What a Hoot!!
    They need to make her Speaker so they can call her “Madam”.

  7. At least she is honest about it. I’b Be willing to bet that most Dems who “return” money just give it to a third party to facilitate the return, but once the photo op is over the Dem gets a contribution fro some third party and ends up getting the money back.

  8. holey moley! At first when I saw that pic I thought it was Forrest Whittaker from Battleground Earth

  9. @RadioMattM: exactly. “I am not returning the campaign donations from Mr. Epstein, instead, I am donating the money to charity. Here is my check for Planned Parenthood.”


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