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State Department Announces New Council on Unalienable Rights

Epoch Times-

WASHINGTON—U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on July 8 the creation of a commission on unalienable rights to advise him on how to best interpret human rights, based on the Constitution and the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Every once in a while, we need to step back and reflect seriously on where we are, where we’ve been, and whether we’re headed in the right direction,” he said. “I hope that the commission will revisit the most basic of questions: What does it mean to say or claim that something is, in fact, a human right?”

The Trump administration is committed to a “foreign policy from the founding” principals of the country, he said, and the creation of this bipartisan, interreligious group of human rights experts, philosophers, and activists is directed toward that goal.

This comes as some on the left in the United States, such as presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), are calling for an expanding list of what “human rights” encompasses. He’s called for a 21st-century economic Bill of Rights that includes things such as affordable housing, a job that “pays a living wage,” a pre-K-through-college education, and a “secure retirement.”

Pompeo warned that while words like “rights” can be “rays of light in a realm of darkness, … they can also be lethal arrows.”

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6 Comments on State Department Announces New Council on Unalienable Rights

  1. If the LBTQHG3VB7L&BFGYK654 nonsense is in there, it’s worthless. 🙄

  2. If born, you have the right to die… everything in between requires you fight for it.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. Unalienable is unalienable.

    Leave it the $%#@ alone.

  4. I thought that the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights pretty much outlined our inalienable rights. Perhaps the point of this exercise is to get back to that – but then if a Dem were to become president some day it would obviously revert to ‘right to free stuff, which others are forced to provide’.
    Just don’t call it slavery!

  5. I hope it does not include anything that someone else has to pay for or provide as an inalienable right.


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