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How Do Politician’s Unremarkable Kids Keep Getting Into Elite Ivy League Schools?

Great rant by Tucker Carlson-

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  1. Getting in isn’t what’s Curious. It’s that they graduate. That takes a much larger and well organized conspiracy.

  2. Standards are adjusted to fit the people involved.

    A common practice across the board for all situations from legal to private.

    It’s the American way.

  3. Many organizations utilize a “sliding” scale when testing or determining ability. Working for big telecom, I took numerous tests to obtain employment as well as to “climb” within the org. What was apparent after testing was that people are always willing to discuss the fact that they “only answered 20 of the 52 questions” or some such. All of the tests had an ethnicity/sex inquiry and assured you that if YOU failed to respond, the test proctor would, based on visual evidence.
    I know for a fact that ethnic minorities and women were graded on a completely different scale than caucasion men.
    So, this double standard goes on everywhere. Why not in an otherwise worthless harvard education.
    When most of these cucks and worthless scrunts are swinging from tree limbs and lamp posts, it will mean very little.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. In the end all that happens is dilution of merit for those that do actually achieve, not the other way around like the anointed ones are wrongly enjoying today.

  5. I’m glad this is on the Most-watched news show.

  6. Money talks; shit walks.

    How did Ted Kennedy ever graduate from Harvard?
    How did Ted Kennedy ever get a law degree from UVa?

    Crème de la Crème my ass.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Keep in mind that elite schools are as much, or more, social clubs as they are educational institutions.

    Sort of like the very exclusive country clubs and golf courses are.

  8. “Your tax dollars at work – or something…”

  9. Chelsea Clinton is, supposedly, a Rhodes Scholar even though everything out of her mouth sounds like it came from an exceptionally stupid 12 year old with a head injury.

  10. Chelsea clinton has a white Privilege PhD

  11. College is a scam.
    In the early seventies I was in art school looking to get into the printing end of publication
    I had counselors swear to me that four color press was here to stay and computers were not going to matter in this industry.
    Thankfully I got the hell out of there.
    It is now an indoctrination camp that I get to pay for.

  12. The four color press is here to stay, until we can get the scrap yard out here to haul it away.

  13. “Spinning wheel’s gotta go around…”

    Today would be a good day to review the massacres throughout History when societies reach the point when they tire of this crap. Happy reading.

  14. I have often said that the only hurdle anyone should have to clear is to:
    Find a politician living in a home that has similar features or is similarly situated
    Find anyone who got a permit under close to similar conditions regardless of what or who’s palm they greased
    to get a permit.
    The same should apply to school admissions and the penalties for denying someone not connected should be civil and excluded from any personal liability coverage provided by any employer. Employer stall pays, but person responsible is independently liable.

  15. Tucker is great.
    But he keeps rubbing the elite among us with real, valid barbs at their dishonesty and pomposity.
    You know the powers that be are trying really hard to shut down his show.
    When will it happen?

  16. Chelsea, so ugly oral from her counts as anal.

  17. In a totally unrelated story, West Points latest class just graduated the highest number of minority women in its history! Yay!

  18. I spewed my coffee all over my iPhone at the Chelsea Clinton part.

  19. While I was in Nuclear Power School, the Secretary of the Navy’s son was in my class. Could have been the Sec of Defense or something – but we all knew his father was a big wig politician. I was a second class petty-officer at the time and everyone else were 3rds… so I was the class leader.

    The kid was a complete spoiled dick and also an idiot, irritating even the instructors. Everyone knew the kid was an ignorant asshole. He ended up dropping out within weeks of the program starting because he was so stupid and not having fun.

    How did he get there in the first place? Exactly like Tucker’s video explains.

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