Dems miscalculation on DACA will cost them down the road

American Thinker: With about a month to go before protections for DACA recipients expires, Democrats are once again trying to use the issue as leverage in talks to keep the government operating past Thursday.

The House has scheduled a vote for Tuesday on another continuing resolution and as Democrats did in January when the government was facing a shutdown, they are insisting that no funding bill will be passed with their support unless it includes protections for 800,000 illegal aliens eligible to avoid deportation under an Obama executive order.

But the two sides are far apart on an immigration bill, with Republicans demanding that any DACA legislation be coupled with billions more in immigration enforcement funding, including money for a wall along the southern border.

Last time, Democrats severely overplayed their hand as the argument that  a shutdown would be the GOP’s fault never caught on. Once they realized that, the jig was up and they were forced to vote for the temporary funding bill.

But this enraged their radical base and while the politics of the shutdown haven’t changed, Democrats risk severe damage if they insist on including DACA and fail to deliver.  read more

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  1. Trump killing the Democrat party. Or at least allowing them to commit suicide. The Dems need chain migration. Otherwise not enough votes to put them permanently in power. He’s offered them 3 times the amount of DACA recipients knowing that’s going to satisfy them. He’s got them between a rock and a hard spot.

  2. “To die on DACA, or not to die on DACA, that is the question:
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous Media, Antifa,
    Or to take Arms against a Sea of ‘We, the People’,
    And by opposing end the Party” ~ ‘Hamlet, Act III, Scene I

    oh … wait …….. oops, wrong thread

  3. Hell, Trump’s not even into 3-D chess here. He’s got a brilliant case to take to the public, “I offered amnesty — a path to citizenship! — for more than they asked for, but, no. The Dems don’t wish to solve the problem, once and for all. They want open borders, illegals, criminals and welfare queens…. …forever. That will not make MAGA”

    And, Trump will win. One could see it at the SOTU: ugly people, those Dems. ….Lady in Red

  4. If the President’s campaign lie about ending DACA, and instead extending DACA, runs out when the DACA party has shut down the princely courts that said “The lie must remain true” — why can’t the list just be used, like all lists, to collect those who voluntarily signed up, to be shipped out?

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