Dems: Nobody is above the law … except Illegals

Patriot Retort:

In their narrative war against President Trump, there is one thing the Democrats want to make crystal clear: Nobody is above the law.

They’ve said that so many times over the last two and a half years, you’d almost think they actually believed it. MORE

5 Comments on Dems: Nobody is above the law … except Illegals

  1. It isn’t so much that all this lawlessness is happening, it’s that nothing is ever done about it. The more people get away with, the more extreme the lawlessness becomes. Why wouldn’t the democrats try to steal an election? They have nothing to lose.

  2. What a bad joke, huh?

    The left is all about ‘projection:’ that is, they will always telegraph their own intentions by accusing the other side of doing.

    The left is a fascist movement. Remember that, if you want to live.

  3. Well protecting illegals and not getting arrested, jailed, fined, etc is the only “Above the law” going around this country. Lock them up!

  4. Did you know that 68 people were killed in mass shootings in 2018?
    Did you know that about 2,000 have been killed by illegal aliens in 2018??
    If you don’t, yer not alone cuz most people don’t understand that perspective either which is a clear indictment of our “News” media to shape the news with their propaganda!


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