Live From the Japanese Selene Orbiter

Incredible views of the moon and Earth.

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  1. As Spock would have said ” Fascinating.”

    Crater in craters, craters at the edge of craters, some miles wide some miles deep, some look like a battlefield and then nothing for miles and miles.

    There is NOTHING to provide scale, crater width, depth, maybe the shadows on the DEEP craters.

    Kinda like being out in the deep big blue ocean in a little schooner. I admire these new explorers.

    Still lookin’ for that darn flag…and module, though…

    Hey wait a minute, I just looked by up at it and I saw a crater DISAPPEAR. REALLY.

    Is this an animation???

  2. @Vietvet:
    Yes, if you are using Australian or other counter-clockwise country liquid cooled optical viewing instrumentation.
    Or if one is reading while at the Event Horizon.

  3. No no no. IOTW stands for I Own The Women.

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  4. That’s nice and all…But in the future can We own some smaller Women?

    My Truck ain’t be liken the load…Tires rubbin and sh*t..

  5. I was sitting here mesmerized and suddenly started thinking….. when does this end? Then I realized it was a live feed…….. Whooo!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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