New Hampshire: Driver Identified in Collision Which Killed 7 Former Marines


Seven former U.S. Marines riding motorcycles died and three others were injured in a collision with a pickup truck in rural northern New Hampshire, police said Friday night. A 2016 Dodge 2500 traveling west on Route 2 collided with the 10 eastbound motorcycles along the two-lane road in Randolph, according to police. More

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  1. The truck was traveling West. The cyclists traveling East. Two lane road. Somebody left their lane? It had to be a head-on crash. Tragic accident or deliberate act?
    Rest in Peace Marines.

  2. A group of motor cycle riders do not all ride to the wrong side of a road even when passing so the truck veered and killed them..

  3. If the cycles are riding side by side, a small drift, especially on a curve, from either party would be fatal. Live near Bentleys biker bar and have seen many close ones on winding roads.

  4. Had my motorcycle accident when i was 18. Relatively minor. Woman made a left turn in front of me. Flew over the top of her VW Beetle.
    That was enough for me. Forget that.

  5. No skooter-pilots ride side by side on a 2 lane, they ride staggered.
    I’ve been riding for over 50 years with no accidents. I ride like “they” are actually doing their best to kill me…..Seems to work for me so far.

  6. Immediately seek and impound the pickup drivers cell texting and calling info to see if he might have been texting or websurfing whilst driving.

    I see so many idiots doing that in my redneck of the woods

  7. In NH it is legal for an adult to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. The state motto is “Live Free or Die”.


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