Dennis Hastert Guilty of Money Evasion, Not Sexual Abuse of Teens

The Chicago Tribune did some digging around in former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert’s (R-IL) Yorkville High and discovered at least four former high school students who had been abused by Hastert when he had been a teacher and wrestling coach there.


The Tribune was able to identify three of the four abuse victims. One is dead (AIDS) the other two talked with the paper but have asked not to be identified.

Because the statute of limitations has run out on sexual abuse, Hastert only faces Federal charges of trying to hide his hush money pay outs to the victims, for which he has plead guilty.


“In a statement, Hastert attorney Tom Green did not specify any sexual abuse by his client but did say Hastert was apologetic and had suffered humiliation and shame.”

Well, I guess that makes it alright then, scumbag.

Hastert faced up to five years max, but prosecution has agreed to a plea deal of only six months.


The bastard tried to hang one of the victims out as trying to extort money from him when Hastert was caught moving money around.

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  1. It all comes out in the RINO wash. I have two boys. I’d kill this motherf*cker with my bare hands if he did that to them. RINOPOS.

  2. A warning shot to all of the rest of the DC scumbags in both parties to do as they are told so their own dirty filthy laundry is not exposed–Closet homosexuals, sexual predators, financial deals–oh you better believe there is a whole Congress full of immoral lying assholes–and from both parties–eager to sell out their voters to keep their dirty shit secret–unless they want to risk being the next Hastert

  3. There should not be any statute of limitation on sexual abuse.
    The effects of sexual abuse lasts a lifetime, as should the ability to prosecute.

    Is this not the case with priests who sexually abused parishioners?

  4. Cato, as what constitutes sexual abuse changes over time (and accidental improper touch often qualifies today, just ask the Disneyland actors that wear those huge costumes), be careful what you wish for.
    As is often the case when the truth would diminish the scandal, no mention is made of exactly what ‘improper things’ he did. Obviously rape was not one of them, or that would be front and center.

  5. Several years go in Northern Kentucky, a young boy was raped by a “pillar of the community”. The judge gave him probation. As he was waking out of court to go home, the young boy’s mother was waiting with a gun and shot off his “junk”.
    The mother was arrested – and the grand jury refused to return a true bill of indictment to any of the many charges against the woman, to the frustration of the prosecutor.
    The woman (rightfully) got off scot free.

  6. Gosh. Then federal notes are not legal tender for all debts public or private?

    Focus not on why they took him down. Focus instead on HOW they took him down. If the ends justify the means, then you might not be a conservative.

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