Denny’s customer arrested after allegedly slapping waitress’ butt

FOX: One New York man is accused of slapping a Denny’s waitress on the bottom while his wife was in the bathroom. The 65-year-old may now spend up to a year in jail.

On May 22, Clarence H. Locke Jr. arrived at Denny’s in Rome with his wife around noon, sat down at one of staffer Jayme Adair’s tables, and ordered beverages, Newshub reports.

“The customer and his wife came in together. I didn’t recognize him by his face, but when he walked in he said, “Hello Jayme,”” the 23-year-old waitress recalled. As Locke’s wife soon left the table to user the restroom, the shocking incident unfolded.

“I get their drink order, I turn to walk away and he reaches out of the booth, almost falls out of the booth and tries, and hits my butt,” Adair told WKTV . “And I was just in shock. I never had something like that happen to me.” more

23 Comments on Denny’s customer arrested after allegedly slapping waitress’ butt

  1. IDK, ass beating for him?

    I can’t stand stupid fucks like that.

    Shoulda known the law, worth it? HAH!

  2. I mistakenly patted the wrong ass in a crowd once – it was identical to my girlfriend’s, but wasn’t.
    Fortunately, she had a sense of humor and was accepting of my red-faced apology.
    Times have changed.

  3. Who would do this while their wife/girlfriend went to the ter-let?

    OR, if you had no wife or girl friend to begin with just eating solo?


    @ Outdoor- what concert/crowd was that at!?

  4. Ok, let me vet this right. You guys see this as a serious crime?

    LMAO, where’s the big picture? Does anyone have it anymore?

  5. I grew up in the business of waiting tables.

    He woulda got his ass kicked as he was thrown out the door.

    Crime? No, just a moron.

  6. Most waitresses back in the day would have blushed, smiled, and said, “I’ll be expecting a good tip for that.”

    If none was forthcoming after the meal, then the wife would have been informed of the offense.

    No need to get the authorities involved.


  7. Senile dementia.

    He’s probably been embarrassing his wife all over the place for a while now…

  8. A year in jail for slapping someone on the butt? People get too bent out of shape these days. Never in a million years would I call the cops for some dirty old man slapping my butt. Just grin and bear it or slap his face.

  9. That happened to me once many years ago when I just started waitressing some tourist actually pinched my butt and no he left a lousy tip

  10. I’ve waited tables in all levels of establishments from high school to beyond college. The seasoned waitstaff will tell you, spill freshly poured hot coffee in his lap.

  11. 18 years old, had a job in a restaurant that served liquor.

    BadAssJohnny said something nasty to me and OMG, I accidentally spilled his next drink in his lap… including the glass…

  12. Yeah, try working in a hospital with pervy old men that are grabby. Then they blame their dementia and say there’s not a damn thing you can do about it…


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