Children’s Movie Depicts Technique Used By Pedophiles To Get Children To Submit To Molestation

Daily Wire-

“Show Dog” stars Will Arnett as an FBI agent named Frank who is forced into partnering with a talking dog named Max (voiced by Ludacris) to infiltrate a prestigious dog show in the hopes of rescuing a kidnapped panda. One of the film’s plot points involved the character Max learning to cope with the idea of having a judge examine his genitals while competing in the dog show.

The backlash against “Show Dogs” has come swift and fierce, including from left-wing outlets like Slate, which also castigated the film for having a whole plotline dedicated to unwanted genitals fondling in a children’s movie. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) said the film pushes a “troubling message that grooms children for sexual abuse.” The group’s executive director, Karen Hawkins, noted that this comfortable “zen place” the character Max ascends to during the unwanted touching is a tactic used by child molesters.

Did Will Arnett or Ludacris or Natasha Lyonne not see anything remotely troubling in having a plot point focused on unwanted genital touching in a movie intended for little kids? If not for the whole pedophile grooming thing, then what about good old-fashioned age-appropriateness? The sexism inherent here must also be acknowledged. Imagine if the character Max were a female dog named Maxine. Would the makers of “Show Dogs” have been so ambivalent about the genital touching?


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  1. Like Moonbattery dude said=
    Gay marriage was a gateway and fedo
    stuff is next to be normalized…

  2. If it is being condemned by the left (Slate) and the right, it seems we could prevent this piece of shit from being shown.

  3. It’s not the only one. “Happy Time Murders” movie is being sued by sesame street for its use of puppets doing drugs, violence, and masturbating. Libs are sick bastards.

  4. They need to do an audit of the writing staff to find out how this theme made it’s way into the film. They sneak this into films all the time, it just doesn’t hit the MSM. Look at the movie Hook where the children use body paint on Robin Williams and the outfits are similar to a NAMBLA sci-fi fantasy (can’t find any links to old Jim Goad Answer Me articles).

    Hollywood is always trying to reach the children. Look at Sesame Street. Here is an example: Neil Patrick Harris appeared as the “Fairy Shoe Person”and defined the word “curly” with Elmo (whose puppeteer is a pedophile but Slate doesn’t like it if you say that about him…

    Just look at the list of actors who appeared on Sesame Street and figure how is their presence relevant to the education of a child from ages 2-6 years old. How is it that a child needs to educated by the likes of De Niro, Ice T, Margaret Cho…….what the heck is Margaret Cho doing on a kids program.

    Check this out

    The Left is about indoctrination. The just got caught with their (and a child’s) pants down this time. The will do it again, and again. What you think transvestite reading at the public libraries is about? Building interest in reading?

  5. There are a lot of sick freaks in Hollywood. This country would be a lot better off if we all cut the cord and stopped funding these deviants.

  6. Many years ago, someone noted the sudden spate of films starting in the late 1960s onward which graphically depicted male rape was just homo porn hiding in plain sight. He said it would only get worse and children would be next. At the time I disregarded the observation as ludicrous.

    Then the movie KIDS came out. He was right.

  7. Young family visiting this weekend from out of town and they begin to watch “children’s” programming on Netflix………..I am utterly amazed at what they are passing off as normal. My dad would have put his foot through the tube.

  8. Anonymous – Still keeping Netflix is yer first mistake.

    Yeah… they remove two scenes and make a “serious” statement while everybody denies having a hand in those scenes. Funny how nobody thought anything was wrong with it before getting called out for it.
    Yes… Hollywood life just goes on normally for Global Road Entertainment now.
    Got it!

  9. All movies should be bleeped and cut for Conservative audiences. Put on a sticker, “Safe for kids.”

  10. Refuse:

    I saw a preview for that. I don’t think I’m a huge prude, but both my husband and I were agape with how vile it looked, like they were trying to one-up Sausage Party and make a horrifying rip-off of Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

  11. After “Sausage Party”, I’m not surprised by anything Hollywood puts out anymore. Neither am I entertained by them. There’s more to comedy than foul language and sexual innuendo.


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