Found On Twitter – Reprehensible

Posted by: Villi Wilson ‏ @Conservative_VW on Twitter

“What in Trailer Park Trash is that???!

That is Blasphemy!! That’s what that is!!”

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  1. “A stainless steel hitch ball would really dress it up.”

    With the requisite “truck nuts” hanging below it.

  2. guessing C4 … back in the days when they made crap w/ automatic transmissions

    .. & yes, it’s Kali
    ‘just ’cause it’s ‘vette don’t mean it’s a jet’

  3. Don’t blame that one on trailer trash. It looks like it’s parked in front of a Trader Joe’s. Old hippie frankensteined jalopy?

  4. Of course it has Commifornia plates…probably in STOCKTON! You have to admit, at least they kept the corvette emblem and moved it up to the camper shell!

  5. mid to late 70’s vette, any alteration is a good thing. did us a favor actually. Gave us something more interesting to look at

  6. Holy mother of whatinthesamhill? I trust his 8-track tape player is welded under the dash for theft protection. I’d say this genius has a Plan #2, remove the camper and voila, an El Ranchero for hauling trinkets to the weekend roadside flea market.

  7. Looks like Harley bagger mufflers on it. Wonder what the towing capacity is, 12 pounds?….of crank.
    The builder is obviously a tweaker, so I guess it’s a Sprungray.

  8. Mean, unimaginative people… tsk…

    I think it’s excellent in multifarious ways! A corvette with place to stick the kids, dogs, and groceries. No hideous privacy-intruding computer system. And with a paint job, is going to be a lot more attractive than the crap that’s been produced new over the past decade.

  9. I don’t see any problem with it. The front was designed for dad. The back was built for Costco. Makes sense to me!

  10. Yeah, that’s a crappy thing to do to one. It’s a ‘73. Actually one of my favorite years, though I’d insist on a roadster. Back in my youth I was a Corvette nut—-I’ve had 52 of ‘em—-and liked 69’s and 73’s especially well as daily drivers. Mid-years (63-67) are the best looking but air conditioning is pretty rare on them. I’ve had a 63 Z06, several other fuelies, 67 435, 69 L88, and a bunch of more mundane examples. Now I drive a Tahoe and like the heck out of it.

  11. Spawned from all the people who had to get rid of their two-seater sports car because of starting a family.

    There is no undesirable year model of ‘vette. Just some you prefer more than others.

    What’s wrong with you.

    Drop any year off at my curb for me and see if I drive it. Even this one can be-uncustomized.

    They are all money holes if that’s your thing. Not necessary to anything.

    I like the ’81 for it’s looks the best.

    To each their own. Vive la différence!

  12. One of the biggest complaints about vettes (from those who could afford them) was there was no trunk to store two sets of golf clubs. This guy fixed his…


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