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Derangercise: Exercising while chanting deranged anti-Trump rhetoric

I could get in pretty good shape just punching that face.


Watch the loons harness hate in order to get their flabby low-energy bodies moving.

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  1. So, Trump is helping them get in shape. Something they weren’t doing before.

    I’m glad Trump is making their life better. Winning!

    Whatever it takes, sweeties. Your lives are getting better because of Trump!

  2. You’d think they would know that living with hate all the time is a big negative on their mental and physical health – no matter how often they say otherwise.

    Negative mantras create negative in your life. Hate hurts the person holding it the most.

    BTW, sweeties, “Trump’s agenda” is America’s agenda. You hate half the country. How about doing something positive for once? This aint it.

  3. I couldn’t make out the audio. There must have been a slight breeze in the room, and the whistling sound of air going through their empty heads drowned out the chants.

  4. Plain Jane May 17, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    Watched 2 f… ing seconds and…

    Damn! They almost made a good woman spell it out for them!

    That’s enough to justify removing the valve stem core from their tires.

    Ask and I’ll teach you the mysteries of the valve stem core tool. (You can buy two for $5 on Ebay – shipping included)

  5. @ Dad of 4,

    You are cracking me up. Now I have to google valve stem core tool. I know what the valve stem is, but didn’t know it had a core. 🙂

    BTW, don’t know if you saw on thread last night, but I mentioned that I was really happy you led us to the Go Fund Me site for MJA. You are a mensch.

  6. “Oh great Swami, please teach me the mysteries of the valve stem core tool.’

    First, you purchase such item. It is to be had at any auto parts store if immediate possession is desired. Those with time can order a set here:

    One is all you need, but giving one to a cohort friend is a blessing.

    Look at the image at that link. The upper left part is the part you insert into the valve stem. (air inflate-y thing on your tire/wheel/rim – whatever).

    This is what the valve stem on your wheel looks like –

    Remove the valve cap first!

    Once inserted into the stem, twist the tool to the left (counter-clockwise) until the valve stem core is free and air is rushing out of the tire.

    Repeat for each tire still holding air.

    Pro tip! It is best to have a “lookout” for mall security while you perform this task.

    Remember: It’s legal as long as you don’t get caught. ;-D


    No kidding here. I did see your compliment, PJ. I am quite honored to be called a mensch by you, of all people. With having a large Jewish patronage for @ 30+ years, I know what an honor it is. Thank you. I do not take it lightly. I can only hope to live up to it.

    You mean a lot to me. I know the world would be a better place if everyone was more like you.

  7. @ Dad of 4

    You make me blush, but 20-30 years ago my kids wouldn’t have agreed.

    Also, I really think I like the tool. I somehow think I would get caught because it would take me too long to stand up after using it.

    The tool got me wondering if that’s what some of the guys in HS used one time. I was ready to pull out of my parking spot and 5 of them came up and told me I had a flat. They all had this great smirk on their faces and then offered to change my flat. Nothing wrong with the tire when I took it to the gas station to get it fixed.

    The dirty punk scoundrels. 🙂 Wish I could remember who they were so I could ask them at the next class reunion. They could deny it with straight faces because we are all so old, they probably would never really remember.

  8. Dude, you don’t remove the core in the valve stem, you
    just loosen it enough to make a slow leak

    5 seconds on the vid. Near the side entrance to my house
    I have a vintage PR-24, I would love to exercise that nice
    tool on them.

  9. Oh, no tool needed to just let the air out. Just a little time to depress that valve long enough for the tire to be deflated. Most stem caps are made to depress the valve with them when held top down and pressed. The top of the cap will be either round enough or have a nipple that reaches the valve for this job.

    To remedy a deflated-only tire you just need to refill the air and you’re good to go. They did save you from damaging the tire beyond repair if you drove on it deflated. That would have stepped it up from prank to meanness & property damage.

    reboot – With the stem core gone – they can’t just put air back in and get going. I guess it depends on how far you want to go. A loose valve still needs a tool to re-tighten it, so essentially the same problem.

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