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Details Of Extortion Attempt On Matt Gaetz Released

The perpetrators of the attempt to extort $25 million from Florida Congressman, Matt Gaetz invented a whole cover story to explain away legally what they were seeking from the Gaetz family. The communications from the blackmailers declared the money wasn’t for them personally, oh no, it was to bring back a journalist, Robert Levinson, who’s been held in Iran since 2007, something the presumed crooks called “Project Homecoming.”

It’s a common ploy by extortionist to claim any money they’ve gained from their illicit activity is actually a “donation” to their just “cause.”

More details provided by Washington Examiner Here

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  1. This is actually kinda interesting, something that should be (in different ways) worth following as it develops and spins off its various offshoots.

  2. What a bunch of scumbags.
    What else will the leftists be willing to do to stop dissenting voices?
    They must really be afraid of Gaetz.
    Sounds like an Obama/ Clinton plan.

  3. Anonymous,you must be a liberal cause you have Gaetz convicted of a crime that he may not have done. We know very little at the moment. WTH is wrong with you freak.

  4. Anon maybe you should read the whole story.
    Former DOJ and Air Force trying to grab some money.

  5. If the Left formed a football team they’d have just one play in their play book, the Statue of Liberty. The rest would be variations of it.

  6. Gaetz can account for his travels and had declared there never was a seventeen-year-old traveling companion. This attempted extortion originates with the Florida state GOP politician who’s in big trouble for sex trafficking and had bragged in the past of close ties with Gaetz. This linked article provides news accounts of this individual.

    And if association with scum bags is a crime, why are the Clintons and any number of elites in trouble for hobnobbing with Epstein or Weinstein or Cuomo?

  7. “Needs to be removed from committees while being investigated.”

    Wow, so much for the presumption of innocence. So just the accusation itself, without any due diligence or attempts at fact finding, is enough to cancel him? Yes, removing him from committees is “cancelling” since it interrupts his influence and participation.

    Reason number 765 why libs should never be put into positions of power.

  8. Ah, the old “A Republican has been charged with something so we have to castrate him until we drag an investigation out as long as we can” routine. Meanwhile we can’t investigate Democrats because there is no evidence but there is no evidence because there has been no investigation.

  9. @Anonymous
    “Shouldn’t Eric Swalwell be removed from the intel committee first for cavorting with a Chinese spy? – Dr. Tar? – Dr. Tar”

    False equivalence, we have verifiable documented proof, both from photos from Swalwell’s own mouth, that he was “cavorting with a Chinese spy”. We don’t know if he was sleeping with her or gave her national secrets, that is for a formal investigation to reveal, but the cavorting is not in dispute by anyone.

    But with Gaetz, none of the allegations (so far) have been substantiated, surely even you can see the difference?

    Also, how in the hell were you able to edit that comment and add to it? The edit button frickin’ disappeared for the rest of us, are you one of the admins here?


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