DHS Describes Plan to Cut H-1B Outsourcing, Raise Graduates’ Salaries


President Donald Trump’s deputies are planning to shrink the H-1B program and force companies to pay higher wages to American graduates, according to a document from the Department of Homeland Security.

The huge H-1B outsourcing program — which now keeps a population of at least 460,000 non-immigrant foreign graduates in U.S. professional jobs — would be shrunk by narrowing the law’s definition of “specialty occupations,” according to the agency document provided to Breitbart News.

The proposed change is huge, said Rosemary Jenks, policy director at NumbersUSA. “If Trump can get done what is in that letter, I think it will be a huge motivator for American high-tech workers to come out and vote” in November, she said.

Polls suggest the H-1B program is very unpopular. An August 2017 poll reported that 68 percent of Americans oppose companies’ use of H-1Bs to outsource U.S.-based jobs that could be held by Americans.  MORE

6 Comments on DHS Describes Plan to Cut H-1B Outsourcing, Raise Graduates’ Salaries

  1. Limiting workers from India and elsewhere who come here to work at Microsoft etc… is rascist and a good excuse for Seattle liberals to march in the streets protesting Trump’s policies.

    Here a March there a March everywhere a March March!

    (May Day should be fun this year!)

  2. Using H1B visas is a “legal” method to erode US culture and society. They move to the US and do not assimilate. This practice, global domination, is silently endorsed by the owners of the companies, business is only a convenient, and profitable, cover.

    India based IT companies abuse H1B visas, day in and day out. Many such companies claim greater than 50 percent of their revenue from the USA, yet their onsite staff is less than 15% Citizens or Green Card holders. They process visas routinely for Windows, network, and desk side engineers. They move from city to city and bring along their extended families.

  3. And they have thousands of Hotel/Motels across the Country to quarter some secret troops. These nests in plain site for 10 years now.

    Turn a Light On.

  4. AAAAAND, it’s been shown that MOST of these “GENIUS” H1-B’s can’t write code that will compile. They’re ASSUMED to be capable….but frankly, MSFT and others just can’t see past the sticker price, which WAS 60K, and NO SSI tax. One of the things the DJT admin wanted to do (don’t know if done yet) is to raise that price to 100K. It should be 150K! After all, every one of them is a GENIUS!!! Aren’t they?


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