Dice Enjoys Google’s Pain

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  1. If I were somehow transported there and found myself amidst this crowd I’d think I was placed in the day room of a state asylum before the nurses station window opened to dispense the meds.

  2. As a (thankfully) former President once said,

    “Elections have consequences.”

    Screw all you pathetic dirtbags/fascists at Droogle.

  3. Gee I feel sorry for the refugee immigrant who is worth billions of dollars. These billionaire assholes are not satisfied with making money otherwise Trump’s election wouldn’t affect them. NOOOOO – – they aren’t happy unless they’re forcing cultural marxism on the unwashed masses via a political system THEY approve of. Also, they talk in soothing voices as an envy-avoidance technique and for manipulation purposes.

  4. We have to remember that these people are brilliant at what they do, but ignorant in so many ways. Like mad scientists, they are fucking frightening.
    Will our Congress step in?

  5. I think we need to ask Trump to break-up the near-monopolistic power of these big tech companies.

    The geeks on the ’80s movie ‘ Revenge Of The Nerds’ were quirky and good-natured.

    The ones from the Google meeting are preachy, self-righteous and dangerously ambitious when it comes to steering public opinion.

  6. The scariest part is Brin is calling Trump supporters ‘fascists.’ A little projection there, Brin?

    Might as well call the asshole ‘Le Brin.’


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