Dice- The White House Launches Tools To Report Social Media Bias

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  1. Remember a decade ago when Conservatives were trapped in “epistemic closure”? Probably not. Anyhow, here’s what Jonathan Chait said of conservatism in 2010:

    “…the problem is that the movement has created its own subculture, and within this subculture, only information from sources controlled by the movement is considered trustworthy or even worth paying attention to.”

    Jonathan, I realize you wrote that before social media had gone over the edge, but it sure looks like social media is deep into epistemic closure. Perhaps it needs an intervention.

  2. About time as we also need all the tools CAIR and other leftist groups routinely use. Hurrah and I hope the links work soon. maga2020

  3. It is an amazing thing that no Conservative version of Twitter or Facebook has surfaced. Neither would be that difficult to set up – especially a Twitter clone.

  4. A conservative social media site would run into the same problems gab and voat have.

    Flooded with over the top hate to make them look bad.

    Denial of service attacks.

    Payment providers dropped them.

    Hosting providers dropped them.

    Paypal dropped them.

    Yeah. You’re not allowed to ‘make your own site’ if (they) don’t want it to happen.

  5. Thinker Prime – There are a few trying, but either FB pushes them out of the way or makes it impossible for them to exist (lawsuits, blacklisting, etc.) or people on FB already, are not willing to move over to something else that’s not perfect-looking. The alternatives are both left and right-leaning, btw.

    USA Life and Spreely are Right leaning and MeWe is trying to be universal.
    Unless people extract themselves from FB, expect FB to still be in operation.

  6. Creeping sharia is down 🙁 I sent word to White House contact page. Some of it is still in Internet Archives


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