What the Dems Need – Another Communist Running For President

Gus Hall used to be the oddball commie that continually ran for president, almost as a novelty.

Now the novelty is to have a moderate dem. They’re all Gus Halls now.




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  1. When Barnum & Bailey folded up their tents in 2017, I wondered what would happen to all the clowns. Apparently they decided to run for President.

  2. DeBozo makes number 24. At this rate there will be over 50 of these “Prog” clowns running for President of the United States by the time January 2020 rolls around.

  3. Sorry, which is the moderate one???
    Tulsi Gabbard, maybe? At least she’s attractive.
    Hey, the women have Beto. But out of those two the men get the better deal – for both looks and personality! 🙂

  4. …Great, the more the merrier. Let them all fight each other for airtime, suck each other’s oxygen, go after each other’s campaign contributions, write political commercials for the Republicans about ALL their rivals, pull each other even FURTHER left so they won’t be viable in a general election, and hopefully damage the fweewings of the already hypersensitive followers of each of these lunatics SO severely that they sit on their hands (and probably play with themselves while doing so) when election time rolls around because THEIR candidate didn’t win.

    …to me, the IDEAL scenario is EACH AND EVERY DEMOCRAT reaches the logical conclusion of all their self-esteem and echo chamber thinking and each decides that ZE, and ZE ALONE, can possibly guide this Nation to the liberal nirvana that the drugs help them imagine. Let’s get 100,000,000 liberals each running their own campaign, attacking all the other ones (sometimes physically, you know how they are), and each voting ONLY for ZIRSELF.

    …THEN, maybe we can ACTUALLY start to fix this mess, and after President Trump spends his second term getting the vote fraud under control, he can start running for his THIRD…

  5. If you want a pass at all the onerous NYC “laws”, give $$$ to my campaign. Send to my offshore account.

  6. It wasn’t too long ago on this very website you would be called down for calling someone a commie, fascist or totalitarian. They were just socialists or progressives or liberals. My how things have changed. Now we can use the “C” word?

  7. The Clowns-R-Us stores are booming. There’s been a run on shiny red noses, big floppy shoes, and other clown paraphenalia. The stores can’t keep up with demand.


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