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Did Amerigo Vespucci Own Slaves?

SFgate–  George Washington, the guy on the quarter, could soon be facing the ax in San Francisco as surely as his fabled cherry tree.

The president of the San Francisco school board thinks it’s time to consider renaming schools that bear the names of slave owners — including Washington and his friends and fellow presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.

Board President Matt Haney said Tuesday he will introduce a resolution before the board this month to clarify the rules for renaming San Francisco schools with an eye to encouraging the communities at Washington High School, along with Jefferson and Monroe elementary schools, to consider whether they want to make a change.

Another school that might want to think about a new name, Haney said, is Francis Scott Key Elementary School — which was named for the slave-owning lyricist of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

“We need to have a conversation about this,” Haney said. “Especially at George Washington High School. We have school names in San Francisco that are not relevant or meaningful or inspire pride.”

Yes, Haney said, the name Washington — also shared by a state, the U.S. capital and a likeness on a dollar bill — might very well be such a name.

“I would not want to speak for the school community,” Haney said. “It’s a very tricky issue. I’m trying to stay away from condemning anyone. It was a very different time back then. But slavery was America’s original sin.”

Under Haney’s proposal, schools would be encouraged to form committees consisting of students, parents, teachers and administrators to study the issue. If the committee favored a name change, the school board would consider it. The board has the ultimate authority to change a school name.

Were Washington High to shed its name, Haney said, it might be a good idea to replace it with that of poet Maya Angelou, who attended Washington.


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  1. .Is there anyone yelling STOP to these scumbags? Does anyone hear?
    Does anyone care? Who the fuck have we elected to govern us? I swear to God if Trump is not elected, I’ll move back the The Bronx and apply for welfare.

  2. These idiots should be spending the time and money they waste on these fallacious arguments teaching the actual history of our founders and the great personal risks they took and sacrifices they made to forge the foundations for the most fair, compassionate and equitable form or government ever created here on earth.

    The only reason names like Washington, Jefferson, Madison and others “are not relevant or meaningful or inspire pride” (as stated by the moron mentioned in the article) is because progressive pus buckets like the ones trying to change these school names don’t know the real history of these most honorable men themselves, much less attempt to teach it to today’s increasingly ignorant students.

  3. I think Charles Manson High School would be fitting for that area.

    George Washington would be offended by San Francisco faggots indoctrinating children under his name. So maybe they should rename the schools there. Only an idiot parent would seek education for their children there.

  4. What about the Irish Slaves? You think I could hustle a couple of bucks off these fucks if I claimed my mother in law, twice removed, was an unpaid servant girl in South Carolina?

  5. Man this guy is following the play book to a TEE. He doesn’t want to suggest anything, just that we might want to consider having the individual schools form a group to think about renaming. In other words follow the Bolshevik patter on infiltrating these groups to stack the debate to their favor and viola! See people democracy works! Once this simple test of changing school names succeeds, other changes will be easy to do as they will have a “committee of concerned people” to steer the conversation.

  6. I think you should poll all the slaves held in the usa and find out what they think.

    that’s what I thought.
    not a word from the slaves.

    so what’s the problem? if the former and current slaves have nothing to say about it what’s all the fuss?

  7. Kim Jung Pre-K
    Chairman Mao Elementary
    Stalin Middle School
    Fidel Castro High School

    Those are my suggestions for the scumbag. Where can I send em in?

  8. Why not just name schools after fruits* and vegetable entrees? The vegans would love it, and there’d be no reason for SJW revisionism later.

    (* – the plant kind, smart-alecks)

    I’ll start it off with some examples:

    Buttered Broccoli High School

    Creamed Asparagus Elementary

    Cling peaches in Heavy Syrup Junior High

    Marinated Shitpickles in Vinegar Academy

    OK, I may have gone too far with that last one, but you get the picture…


  9. People of all races, etc. live vastly better – around the world – due to establishment of the US.

    And that is due to both the Revolutionary War and the conversion from a confederation to a republic. The latter was an impressive set of compromises, which included slavery. Our existence today, for the vast benefit of all, depended upon these compromises.

  10. Also, the progressives, and particularly feminists, are going to be pissed 50 or 100 years from now when abortion is finally deemed to be murder and all those who had an abortion or advocated for abortion will have to be struck from the record books as pariahs. No buildings named after them. No memorials or honors to their names or accomplishments. They will be associated with the great evil of their time and as such will have to be shunned.

  11. Never mind that Washington & Jefferson couldn’t free their slaves if they wanted to (it was against the law); never mind that Washington actually taught them how to read & write; never mind that he provided for them in his will; oh just never mind!

  12. “Cool! Now everything will be named after Jesus!”

    @Racer X – LOL – wouldn’t that be funny if conservative groups did rename everything according to this guy’s wish – only instead of commie BS – they were all named after Biblical references. Then we’d really see some heads explode.

  13. @Gladys: Schools named after Biblical references – that’s an interesting idea. I’d like to see one called “Whore of Babylon Middle School”. Now that would be a real Revelation to those revisionists!

    …Um, on second thought, maybe I went a little too far again.

    Never mind.


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