Did you know Chuck Schumer’s daughter works for Facebook?

DC:Reporter Asks Trump About Facebook Bias – Trump Reminds Them Where Chuck Schumer’s Daughter Works 

President Donald Trump reminded a reporter that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s daughter works at Facebook after the reporter asked the president about bias on the social media platform.

Trump had blunt words for the reporter, who asked him a question on Facebook bias as he left the White House for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Schumer’s daughter works for Facebook, which I just found out today. And if you look at what Facebook’s been doing, they having some real explaining to do,” Trump said. “How they are so Democrat oriented  — all of them.” Trump added.

The New York Post reported Saturday that Facebook has donated heavily to the campaign chests of Chuck Schumer and employ his youngest daughter in a high-paying position.  more here

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  1. And his niece {I think} Amy Schumer is being shoved down the throat of the public by Hollywood with her third rate movies. A talentless sow that’s both repulsive to view and grating to hear.

  2. Chuck’s got as many relations infiltrated as Harry Reid!
    The Swamp has spread over the Media, Academia, the Armed Forces, the Police Forces, State and Local Governments, Entertainment, Wall Street, Madison Avenue, …

    That giant sucking sound you hear is America being swallowed in filth.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Did YOU know (it’s alleged) Chuck Schumer had an affair with his daughter’s best friend, who later committed suicide?

  4. txfella,
    Was that before or after his sexual liaison with his daughter?
    (alleged sexual liaison)

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Nobody in the news media ever, ever questions liberal politicians whose relatives have taken cushy, essentially no-show jobs (just like the mob) with firms that need influence or contracts.

    One of the most glaring examples of this was Michelle Obama. When her husband was elected to the state senate she got an extremely high paying job with a hospital group in Chicago. Nobody could figure out what she did but she was paid in the area of $250K to do it. When he was elected the the Federal Senate, she got a raise to over $325K (or around that), again for a job where no one seemed to know what the job description (other then cash the paychecks) was. In fact, the only thing she’s remembered for is creating a policy to kick uninsured patients out of these hospitals ER’s and get them moved to other, less advanced hospitals so the group that employed her wouldn’t have to waste time and energy on the poor. Yep, they were community organiser’s alright. Rich communities.

  6. “Oh…..I didn’t know Chuck had a penis.”

    …he does, “@Fenderstrat, its name is Obama, and he frequently whips it out in public…


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