The De Niros are Di Vorcing

Robert De Niro is getting divorced after nearly 20 years of marriage.

The “Raging Bull” actor, 75, is splitting up with his wife, Grace Hightower, after nearly 20 years together.  MORE

SNIP: I’m shocked! He seems like such a level-headed likeable guy. 🙄

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  1. Considering what a hateful bastard he is in public, I’d say he’s even more of one in private.
    Now he can go hang with Karl Childers in the nervous hospital and eat mustard biscuits all day.

  2. The perennial grouser must be an absolute joy to spend time trapped in a home with.
    Dealing with bruises and having bites sutured finally became too much despite the money.

  3. The Trump curse strikes again! Oh this is going to cost him some big buckaroos! My feel good story of the day!

  4. So that explains why he’s taking all his anger out on his PRESIDENT Trump!


    Oh. And Bobby D? BOO-FUCKING-HOO.

  5. I’m supposed to be in awe of this guy? He looks pathetic when you stand him up next to a actual human being

    I’ll bet she’s been bitch-slapping Travis Bickle around for years

  6. Must sure be an Islamophobe based on the above link joking about muslim names. Where is the apology? Forgot, he gets a free ride…

  7. Fun Wiki factoid:
    “De Niro’s parents, who had met at the painting classes of Hans Hofmann in Provincetown, Massachusetts, divorced when he was two years old after his father announced that he was gay.[8] De Niro was raised by his mother in the Greenwich Village and Little Italy areas of Manhattan. His father lived within walking distance and De Niro spent much time with him as he grew up”

  8. @LizCrokin
    · 11h
    What if your husband was tied to the systematic rape, torture, trafficking & murder or children & there’s a sealed indictment with his name on it — wouldn’t you want to divorce him too before he’s arrested and this information is disclosed publicly? #QAnon

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