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Disney’s Gay Woke Feature Film Cartoon BOMBS

Go woke, go broke.


The disappointing early returns on the costly adventure that has drawn raves from leftists for its history-making first openly gay teen character are a strong indication that the company’s choice to embrace cultural indoctrination instead of the traditional family values that the company was once known for has been nothing short of disastrous.

According to Deadline, the movie which hit theatres on Wednesday has seen a dismal return on its reported $135M investment, managing only $4.2M on its first day despite playing in 4,174 theaters and is on the way to a “disastrous 3-and 5-day of $15.8M and $20M-$23M” take.


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  1. “…nothing short of disastrous.”
    Well boo f*ckin’ hoo. If you’re all in on gay, Disney, you can lick my nuts. I’m just drunk enough to let that happen.

  2. Bob, I think all of them already have. Which means it will be going to DVD/streaming next week, until all of them have rented or bought it.

  3. So. Pandering to a few parasites didn’t work out then? They are lying to themselves when they claim America is fulla homos. NO. We are not. A couple hundred here, a few thousand there does not make a country fulla faggots. Glad they lost millions in a failed investment.

  4. They’re running gay commercials on TV fercrissakes. Right now it’s just snuggles and smooches, but it won’t be long before they’re going full brokeback.

  5. “2023 A SPACE ODYSSEY”….Goofy and Pluto have sex around Uranus and then one of them becomes the Sextratary of Transportation …

  6. Disney execs are dismayed and confused at the lack of interest… after all it had earned the Homosexual Squeal of Approval by the employees!

  7. If their indoctrination efforts were successful they wouldn’t have to keep trying so hard. It’s not working so they keep trying. Just accept it already, bigot!

  8. history-making first openly gay teen character

    Well, I’m going to watch it.

    Of course, it’s the storytelling that really matters. To me. So, I can Understand And Ally(TM). With a cartoon, queer, bunch of pixels.

    Sadly, I’ll have to wait for them to release the prequel.

    the film centers an interracial couple

    It’s important, for me, to know what color parent pixels raped the baby pixels, to turn them queer. Then I can follow the plot.

  9. Two sets of initials
    FAFO (Fuck Around & Find Out)
    GWGB (Get Woke Go Broke)

  10. Lyndon B. Johson, if he were alive today:

    “Homasexshools in a cartoon?…why that’s all fuc*ed up, if ya ask me”.

    Yeah, LBJ was a bastard, but in 1964 I think probably some liberals were right about some things.

  11. Chasten and I have several favorite Disney films we like to watch. They are:

    The Little SpermAIDS
    James And The Giant Penis
    Butt Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Jizzy Pearl

  12. Generally 10% of any given population is thought to be gay throughout historical averages.

    I don’t Care.

    Marketing to 10% of the population, and their supporters, during an economic Downturn is very stupid.

    With real inflation from before COOF-19 actually at about 40% (Food & Gas), you have to be suicidal as a company to narrow your target audience at a time when discretionary spending is getting slaughtered.

    Nice to see that the Mouse’s Accounting departments feel that numbers are Rassis & Homophobic

  13. Gays-lesbians do not make up more than 1% of the population. We grew up in two of the most liberal cities in Oregon. We track 3 high schools. I went to public grade school, transferred to Catholic HS. Wife went to Public HS. Each Freshman is exposed to 7 graduating classes. Reunion gossip always includes the subject of homos. Each year there was a combined total of about 1,000 graduating seniors. That’s about 21,000 graduating seniors. In my Catholic HS there were zero homos in my class, zero in the classes before and after mine. In my neighborhood public school, my pals only report 2-3 homos in their 7 years. Zero homos in my wife’s exposure to 7 years of HS students. That means 2-3 homos out of 21,000. Nowhere close to the reported 3%. More like 1:7000.

  14. Absolutely NOTHING of DISNEY is permitted in the households of my large family, especially those with youngsters. Anything which had been was thrown out into the trash; computers and tv have DISNEY programming removed and blocked.

  15. @Kcir – Cause I Give a kcuF November 27, 2022 at 9:12 am

    > you have to be suicidal as a company to narrow your target audience at a time when discretionary spending is getting slaughtered

    Disney has never marketed itself to “non-discretionary” spenders. When the parasites get skittish, they cling harder to the things that profess a hate on at the hosts (the “non-discretionary” spenders… who like to fashion themselves other, trademarked, terms — hat tip to Ayn Rand). “Non-discretionary” spenders are always threatening (only, but ever, threatening) to “cut off” the “discretionary” (always, but only, discretionary) spenders. Giving “non-discretionary” spenders something else to moan about, makes the “discretionary” spenders feel safe(r). The “non-discretionary” spenders mean it (for really, really, reals — this time), that they’re “through! paying for! this sh!t show!”. But they mean the (this, the current, panic) Abomination(TM). Not all their single mommery prinxesses (of all genders). Disney (et al) takes one (billion) for “the team”. And the “non-discretionary” spenders go back to work. Giving “their” prinxesses Options(TM).

    Same. As. It. Ever. Was.

  16. Disney will make it up in tax breaks and gov’t handouts.
    The taxpayers will take it up the ass (heh heh) on failed faggot films.

    THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS GAY! Homosexual – Pervert – Pederast – Faggot – Queer – but NOT GAY!
    I don’t understand why we submit to candy-ass euphemisms.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  17. @Tim – FJB November 27, 2022 at 3:17 pm

    > I don’t understand why we submit to candy-ass euphemisms.

    Tell me you’re an incel. Without saying you’re an incel.

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