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  1. Quinn
    THURSDAY, 18 APRIL 2024, 6:05 AT 6:05 AM
    “He must not have been dead for too long. Rigor mortis not set in yet.”

    …rigor mortis doesn’t last forever. The body can become flaccid again a day later, although also getting a bit whiffy…

  2. …I don’t know anything about Brazil, but I suspect it’s pretty universal that a bank won’t give a loan to a customer that doesn’t respond, move, blink, or breathe at any point in the process, and I’m surprised it got as far as signing things unless the bank just had a morbid curiosity about how she’d try to pull that off, or were just possibly humoring a clearly dangerous person until the cops could get there…

    …also, chick must have been super desperate. She would have had to strip him and wipe him down to get rid of that final evacuation smell, and isn’t THAT a spicy meatball. Also, dead people don’t always close their eyes and can’t hold their mouths shut, and dead eyes don’t look like live ones so it really wouldn’t
    be hard to tell during those rare moments when she holds his dead head up…

  3. Once we allowed the most obvious fraud and theft to stand, everything else is on the table.

    Shitpants Potatohead is the figurine on a cake baked at least 20 years ago.


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